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ERM Minutes: December 5, 2007
Present: Paul, Erin, Linda, Chris, Jina, Candy, Alison, Sara, Jennifer, Peggy, Yem, Meredith, Heather

Deletion of old general subjects

A note was sent to the bibliographers on Nov. 13th informing them of the Committee’s intention to remove old general subjects form resource records.  They were asked to respond with questions/comments by Nov. 28th.  None were received and Candy has begun removing them from resource records and Sara will remove them from the Resource General Subject List in Millennium. 

 Statements about remote access in resource records

How/where/if a “Requires VPN software to access off campus” message should be conveyed to our users is still under investigation.  Meredith has a call open to with III on this issue.  She will work up a possible message for inclusion in resource records.

Free System Update

The November INN-Brief mentions a free system update for current ERM users.  We again reviewed the documentation available in CS Direct and concluded there was little of value to us in the update. 

Coverage loads for monographs

Sara has begun testing GVRL with WebBridge in an attempt to determine the value of doing coverage loads against e-book packages.  The results look promising as she was able to link out to chapters within GVRL from Chinook with WebBridge.  She will now test GVRL with Reference Universe and let us know of the outcome.
Call for changes to general subjects

Paul will issue a call for suggested changes to the Find Articles and More subject list before the next Bibliographers Meeting.  Yem will put this issue on the agenda for the meeting.  Bibliographers will be asked to forward any proposed changes to their liaison (Peggy (science), Jennifer (humanities), or Alison (social sciences)).  We’d like to complete this process before the beginning of the next semester.  The liaisons should make the smaller adjustments (or have Candy do it for them).  More significant problems or questions should be brought to the next ERM meeting (Jan. 9th). 


Next meeting: January 9th