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ERM meeting minutes: July 25, 2007

Minutes recorded by Alison Graber


Attending: Peggy Jobe, Alison Graber, Meredith Callahan, Paul Moeller, Linda Helgoth, Candy Gobrecht


Invited Guests: Jennifer Knievel, Gabby Wiersma


Agenda items for today's meeting:


3) "Ownership" of top level subject page


Jennifer K. proposed transferring decision-making about the top-level subjects on the Find Articles and More page to the WebOpac subgroup of COG.  She felt decisions made about subject headings was a better fit to the content and presentation issues dealt with by the WebOpac group which has more of a public services focus. 


Peggy brought up the issue of needing bibliographers representing all disciplines (Science, Social Sciences, and the Humanities).  The current WebOpac group does not include a bibliographer from the Sciences, so someone such as Peggy could join this group to provide balanced representation.  Another option is to have Jennifer K. join the ERM group and continue her role as liaison for the Humanities.  Another concern was that the WebOpac group had only dealt with issues relating to the new Chinook.  Jennifer K. explained that the group has been dealing with display and content issues for a number of years. 


ERM has taken on this task in the past because other groups, such as COG – this based on the ERM members who are also members of COG, did not want to take on this responsibility.  The decision was made to continue the existing structure and return to this discussion when more committee members are present.



1) Update on progress with the revised FA&M page

            a) Bibliographers for all subjects?


Peggy went through the list provided by Sara and Stephanie of the existing subject headings on Find Articles and More and determined which bibliographers were responsible for reviewing the lists.  The updated list with bibliographer assignments is attached to the minutes.  Progress made was also discussed and plans to continue urging the bibliographers to submit their lists as soon as possible.



2) Future of liaison approach


There was some discussion about whether or not the liaison approach should be continued into the future.  Because of the uncertainty surrounding the “ownership” of the top level subject pages, it makes sense to delay this discussion until the issue is resolved.





4) Who has update/create access to ERM records and what limits have been placed on them.


Paul expressed concerns about the number of people accessing and changing resource records.  He felt that this was not a workable long term solution and that it was more appropriate for Candy and Paul to be making changes to resource records.   He wanted to know who had access as well as individuals’ specific permission.  Peggy said that John C and COG would have knowledge of this; specifically John C. could provide this information.  Sara asked about getting permission to update the general subjects in Millennium in the event Heather is not available.  The decision was made to contact John C. so he could issue the appropriate privileges.


Using liaisons to update records as a long term solution will be discussed at a later time.  This strategy was adopted due to the time constraints and work load issues in getting this task done as soon as possible.



The importance of recording changes in the internal notes field was emphasized by Paul and Candy considering all of the people currently making changes.  Everyone agreed to include initials, type of change made, and date to allow adequate tracking of changes in the records.  Example of possible note is below.

      E.g. ag5/09/06, updated 6/20/07 pm; local subject added MJ 7/6/2007



5) Other


Peggy has updated the variable field for resource records documentation.


The issue with changing the resource advisory color to something more dramatic has been solved by inserting html code in the advisory.  Two colors of red were demonstrated and the consensus was to use the brighter color.


Sara reported that the WebBridge group is ready for Phase III and will be meeting shortly.  The results of the meeting will then go to the WebOpac group for implementation.


Peggy will send out a reminder email to all bibliographers in regards to the FAM revisions.


The question was raised as to the format of the granular subdivisions.  The consensus was to always precede the granular subdivision with the major subject heading to avoid confusion for the users.  If bibliographers do not include the larger subdivision the subject headings will be added.


The possibility of Alison leaving the ERM group, due to her involvement in the Periodicals Transition group (Reducing the Per Room by 50%), was discussed and put on hold for the time being to maintain the current liaison structure.