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ERM Minutes



Present:  Baia, Callahan, Gobrecht, Graber, Helgoth, Holladay, Jobe, Kellsey, Moeller, Wicht


General Subject Headings:  The ERM committee agreed to form a task force to look into this complex issue.  Several bibliographers have expressed a need to separate core resources for their disciplines from other relevant materials.  If this approach is adopted, the Libraries should use consistent terminology.  Because everybody “works off of a common record” the committee needs to consider the ramifications of proposed changes before they are implemented.  Some wonder if we need to define categories of materials that should receive resource record treatment.  The former A-Z and subject lists eventually evolved into a grab bag of miscellaneous information.  Does the Libraries wish to recreate the same environment with ERM?   The following committee members agreed to serve on the task force:  Wicht (Chair), Callahan, and Graber.  Jobe agreed to send a call for volunteers to the bibliographers’ list.  Wicht wonders if some sort of drill down approach is possible with ERM.  Wicht will add discussion of general subject headings to the agenda for the July bibliographers’ meeting. 


Resource records for subject guides and other non-database pages/resources:  The committee discussed creation of resource records for subject guides, consortial partners, and other non-database pages.  Some on the committee expressed the concern that, because of the wide variety of styles adopted for “subject guides”, the user experience is inconsistent and possibly confusing.  Furthermore some bibliographers use subject guides as a gateway to all services they provide to users including reference and instruction.  Since some of the subject guides rely on pages that will no longer by updated by Callahan, bibliographers also need to plan for future maintenance.  Wicht will add discussion of subject guides to the agenda for the July bibliographers’ meeting. 


Using ERM to generate trial and new database lists:  With the addition of General Subjects for “New Databases” and “Trial Databases” it’s possible to use ERM to generate lists for same that would appear in both the pull down menu on Find Articles  and the text links at the bottom of Chinook pages.  The URL’s for the text links would include the search string.  That would eliminate manual maintenance of those pages.  It’s possible to use ERM’s tickler function to alert staff when changes need to be made.  For example, Acquisitions could set a tickler to remind personnel to suppress resource records at the conclusion of trials.  Staff could also set a tickler to issue a reminder to delete the general subject “New Databases” after a six-month period.  The work flow group agreed to bring revised procedures for consideration at the next meeting of the full committee.  


Using ERM to collect and store database feedback:  It is possible to include a hypertext link to the database feedback form in the Notes (variable length field B in resource records) for trial databases.  Collection Development had hoped to post excel spreadsheets with feedback from trials in the statistics area of resource records.  Unfortunately, statistics can only be stored in xml format.  Xml enables query of usage statistics by date.  Although storing the comments in an excel spreadsheet in the resource record is not possible, significant comments could be copied and pasted into the Internal Notes field (variable length field N in resource records). 


Bib versus resource guides:  The committee had a brief discussion of this issue but did not make any decisions. 


Next committee meeting:  July 11.