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ERM Meeting

Minutes 3-7-2007

Present:  Baia, Callahan, Gobrecht, Graber, Helgoth, Holladay, Jobe, Kellsey, Lamboy,  Moeller, Wicht

Also in attendance:  Austin, Thomas

1. Do a title search for "mergent online" and use scope "Internet Resources." You get the full resource record. Now do the same search using keyword. "Mergent Online" doesn't come up.

2. Do a title search for "mergent online" and "View entire collection." You get the full resource record. Now do the same search using keyword. You get the resource record, but it's not the full resource record.

3. In situation 2, you have to click on the titles with the display label "Other title," but you can't click on the "Database title."  This display was confusing to the person who reported this to me. "Where's the link?"

4. In order to get to the resource "Mergent online" when you do a keyword search, "Mergent online" has to be repeated as "Other title" in the resource record. When I first looked at this resource record in Millennium, I thought this repetition was a mistake and took it out. I put it back when I saw there was no clear way to get to the resource from the main database title unless it's also entered as "other title"(x).

5. Do a keyword search for "Pais international" "View entire collection." There are 2 results, both of which come up as "PAIS international in print." The second result is actually the resource record, but "PAIS international in print" is not its title. There's no way to connect to the resource from this record because the database title isn't repeated with tag x.

I would have to agree with Paul on this one: provide a collection-level resource record and provide a bib record for each title.  To me, adding the individual encyclopedia titles in the Databases A-Z would clutter the result, and Databases A-Z would lose its intended purposes.  I can see an argument for individual resource record for each encyclopedia to have it show in subject lists, but we have to think about how the subject lists created dynamically from ERM are used by the bibliographers and students.  These subject lists cannot completely replace a subject guide or research guide because the ERM generated subject lists will not include any print resources that may be critical for a particular subject area. (Wakimoto)

The committee agreed that the Internal Notes (field N) of variable fields in resource record is the appropriate place to include information about the available of MARC records and other information related to cataloging.  Some expressed concern that use of this field is not done with any consistency within TS.  Baia will bring this issue to TS for discussion and resolution of the associated workflow issues.