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ERM Minutes: November 7, 2007
Present: Paul, Erin, Linda, Chris, Jina, Candy, Alison, Sara

Deletion of old general subjects

There was general agreement that the old general subjects were no longer of much use and should be deleted from resource records.  Per Alison’s suggestion Paul will send a note to the bibliographers list informing them of our decision and inviting comment.  We’ll give the bibliographers two weeks to respond.  If none of them object Candy will begin deleting the old general subjects.

 Statements about remote access in resource records

Alison included a “Requires VPN software to access off campus” message in the resource record for ERIC as she had noted some patrons not understanding why they could not access the database from off campus.  Peggy suggested to Alison that this note should be consistently applied in resource records.  We briefly discussed how, where, and if this message should be conveyed to our patrons.  Sara and Alison will take the issue to the Chinook Display Group and report back in December. 

Variable length field in license records for archiving info

Sara sees a need for expressing archiving info in license records.  She suggested field tag F be made available for this information.  Field tag F is currently designated Site Definition and according to Sara is of little use.  The committee agreed the F should be designated for archiving info.  Sara will come up with a label.

Coverage loads for monographs

There was continued discussion of the pros and cons of using ERM (license, resource, bib records) for e-books and whether individual titles should be linked to publishers’ collections.  Paul/Chris/Candy/Jina/Linda reported back on two trial loads done since the last meeting.  GVRL was loaded without much trouble while Oxford proved to be problematic due to licensing issues.  Concern was expressed about long displays of titles linked to resource records.  The effectiveness of the isbn in the coverage database is also in doubt as there is only room for one isbn per title in coverage database and e-book titles commonly have multiple isbns in their bib record.  We decided to take the following steps:

            Do coverage loads for e-books for six months to better inform us of pros and cons
            Sara will attempt to test GVRL with WebBridge and will report back in December
            Candy and Paul will query III for suggestions/information
Free System Update

The November INN-Brief mentions a free system update for current ERM users.  The committee took a quick look and the announcement and agreed to look into it more fully before our next meeting.


Note: All meetings will occur on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 1:00 in N410.

Next meeting: December 5th