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ERM Minutes: 10-3-2007

Present: Paul, Erin, Linda, Heather, Chris, Jina, Candy, Meredith, Alison, Sara, Yem, Peggy

Coverage loads for monographs

There was discussion on the pros and cons of using ERM (license, resource, bib records) for e-books and whether individual titles should be linked to publishers’ collections. Cataloging will link individual records to publisher’s package and run coverage load for GVRL and Oxford as a test run and report back at next ERM meeting.

NISO conference

Heather gave a PowerPoint presentation which highlighted several of the workshops she attended at the NISO conference.  Topics included:
- License expression working group - license terms could be an automated feed into ERM
- SERU (Shared e-resource understanding) – an alternative to a license where there is agreed acceptable behavior between library and publisher
- SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) – collecting statistics becomes an automated process within ERM 
- Effective comparisons between usage statistics and costs

Heather will email PowerPoint to ERM group.

F & M statistics using Google Analytics

Meredith is adding Google Analytics to all Chinook pages for usage statistics.  A demo will be shown at the next ERM meeting. 

Archiving publisher provided content/tracking/process

A process is needed for tracking the physical and downloadable records/content received from publishers.  Possibilities include adding a variable-length field to the license record that indicates how/when/where we receive records and working with Portico and various publishers.   

Yem, Sara and Heather will consider and make a recommendation. 

Definitions of resource types

Sara has created definitions for each resource type used in resource records.  The only new resource type to be added is Open Access. 

Note: All meetings will occur on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 1:00 in N410.

Next meeting: November 7