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ERM Minutes, September 5, 2007
Present: Paul, Erin, Linda, Heather, Jina, Candy, Meredith, John, Jennifer, Alison, Sara, Yem, Peggy

Responsibility for subjects on the Find Articles and More page

Jennifer proposed moving the responsibility of the FA&M page, including both design/appearance and content, over to the WebOPAC group. There was discussion of this change but it was ultimately determined that a deep understanding of ERM records is required for developing the content of the page, therefore that responsibility should reside with ERM. Since there is a great deal of overlap between ERM and WebOPAC, but perhaps not enough public services voices on ERM, communication between the two groups when any changes arise, will be important. Additionally, Jennifer will be joining ERM as a representative from humanities and public services. The WebOPAC group will maintain responsibility for the appearance aspects; ERM will maintain responsibility for the content.

It was also concluded that the ERM public display group can cease to exist at this point.

Subject list changes requested by Music

Laurie Sampsel submitted the following changes to her subject lists:

  1. Music—General to Music—Most Useful
  2. Music—Other to Music—General Resources
  3. Music—Bibliography to Music—Bibliographies

Part of Laurie’s request is to combine the two subject list methods (most/also useful and granular), which was specifically not an option for any of the bibliographers. After discussion, it was decided that changes should not be made to the subject lists until the end of the semester. At that point, a call for changes will be made based on things bibliographers have noticed in instruction or feedback they have received. Until then, for the sake of consistency, no changes will be made to the lists. The one exception here is #3 on Laurie’s list – since the rest of the items in the Music subject lists are all plural, this one will be changed to “Music—Bibliographies” to match.

Alison will talk to John Culshaw about using Google Analytics on this page to draw usage statistics off of this new subject list.

Codes for ARL statistics

We have new codes set up to assist with ARL stats. John added the new code “Payment Code” which has the following options: none, freely avail, paid, complimentary (free access to something we’d normally have to pay for), subset of paid (free subset of paid resource). After the electronic resources meeting on September 11, and discussion of workflow issues, we should be close to adding free resources.

Jina brought up a related question; with the new MARC holdings format that is being implemented, there is a field at the holdings level that we could use to help with ARL stats – or not use at all. Jina asked the group if they thought it would be helpful for the acquisitions of stats data. Yem stated the only real benefit of that field would be to track gifts since ARL stats are pulled from order records and bib records. Since ARL only asks for the number of titles in aggregator databases and not at the issues/holdings level, it will not be necessary to utilize this field (we have SS and order records that are used for this purpose). Therefore, the field will not be used.

Bib vs resource records for freebies

This issue will be discussed after the Sept 11 meeting on e-resources workflow, etc. After that meeting, Jina will e-mail the ERM group about whether or not the group needs to meet again before our next meeting (October 3) to lift the moratorium on freebies.

Note: All meetings will occur on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 1:00 in N410.

Next meeting: October 3, unless another meeting before then is necessary to agree to lift the moratorium on adding freebie resources.