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ERM Minutes: February 6, 2008
Present: Paul, Erin, Linda, Candy, Sara, Jennifer, Yem, Meredith, Alison, Jina, Peggy, Chris

Adding CRL records to the Catalog

Yem inquired about doing more to promote the use of CRL (Center for Research Libraries) during the January meeting.  Since then resource records have been created for CRL and for a couple of CRL collections (Chinese pamphlets, Digital South Asia Library).  During the February meeting it was agreed that:

Jina and Chris would look into the availability of MARC records for CRL materials (for possible addition to Chinook).

Yem would take the issue to the March Bibliographers meeting.

Paul and Candy would investigate the availability of records through Serials Solutions.  (The Digital South Asia Library is the only CRL collection available through SS and it has been activated) 

Resource records and the Online Library Resources scope

The problem of the lack of access to resource records through the Online Library Resources scope on Chinook was discussed.  This is a known issue (there is a call into III).  The Web OPAC Display Group feels the scope itself is of little value now that there are so many e-resources available through Chinook and notes that there are other means to limit searches in Chinook.  It favors the removal of the scope.  The scope is in frequent use by Gov Pubs, however, and they prefer maintaining it at this time.  What will be done:

Jennifer will ask John Culshaw if there are some stats available on the use of the limit.  Sarah will check to see if she has access to any stats on the limit’s use.  These stats could assist in a decision.

            Peggy will check with Gov Pubs staff to verify the need for the continued use of the limit.

            A new FSDC session on finding e-resources was suggested.

Find Articles and More subject access

Paul will report on the results of the Committee’s call for changes to the Find Articles and More subject access at the next Bibliographers meeting.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 5th at 1:00 in N41