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ERM Minutes: January 9, 2008
Present: Paul, Erin, Linda, Candy, Sara, Jennifer, Yem, Meredith

Call for changes to general subjects

No requests for major changes to general subjects were received by liaisons.  The few requests received so far for minor changes have been made.

Statements about remote access in resource records

How/where/if a “Requires VPN software to access off campus” message should be conveyed to our users has been under investigation.  Meredith has developed a line to be included in the last description field of resource records for databases the Libraries purchases (below).  Linda, Erin, and Candy will coordinate efforts to get this info added to appropriate resource records.



About this Resource

ERIC Education Resources Information Center (CSA) provides access to more than 1.2 million abstracts of journal articles and other education-related documents. CSA also provides saved searches, email alerts and other education-related databases. Included is full-text access to ERIC Documents (ED) from 1996 to present. ERIC is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

ERIC Documents from 1966-1993 are available on microfiche and can be requested from Pascal using the ERIC Document request form.
ERIC is also available in a free web-based version.

CURequires VPN software to access off campus.

Test of GVRL and Reference Universe with WebBridge

Sara showed the results of some testing she has done with GVRL and our link resolver.  She set up GVRL and Reference Universe as origin and target.  The results are promising as linking is available from Reference Universe to the full text in GVRL as long as the citation is a precise match.  Candy will keep Sara informed of coverage loads done for e-book packages so she may activate appropriate origins/targets. 

Changing the Gale search interfaces to PowerSearch

Collection Development brought this item to ERM for review.  After discussion of the merits of the PowerSearch interface the ERM Committee suggested that only the more interdisciplinary Gale resources be included in PowerSearch (Academic OneFile and Expanded Academic ASAP will be included in the PowerSearch while Informe will not).  The urls in the resource records for the interdisciplinary databases will be changed to point to PowerSearch.  The urls for the other Gale resources will not change.

Update on selected links (FA & M page with Google Analytics)

Sara shared some information on page views she collected with Google Analytics for October 1-January 8.  Highlights follow:  

Pageviews from the main Chinook page

Main page: 122,927
Instructor reserves: 55,142
My Chinook: 22,264
Advanced Keyword: 12,608
Course reserves: 8090
Author search: 4311
ISN search: 2822
Local call number: 2027
Journals/serials: 1689
Periodical title search: 1120
Author & title: 741
LOC SH: 726

Pageviews from FA&M page (doesn't include all of the subjects, just the top ones by number of pageviews):

General & Interdisciplinary - Most Useful: 11,713
Psychology - Most Useful: 7778
Database titles by name - varies widely but "A" alone has 4302 pageviews (W had 2981, J had 2763, P had 2649)
Sociology - General: 4019
Med & Health - Most Useful: 3597
Education - Most Useful: 3307
Communication - Most Useful: 2675
Religious Studies - Most Useful: 2536
Lit - English and American - Most Useful: 2422
Poli Sci - Scholarly Sources: 2346
Biology - Most Useful: 2136
Science - General: 1705
Econ - Scholarly Sources: 1581
News & Newspapers - Current Resources: 1457
Philosophy - Most Useful: 1229
Music - Periodical Indexes: 1220
Art & Art History - General: 1111
History - US and Canada, Primary Sources: 1108



Yem inquired about increasing the presence of this resource in our catalog (use has been declining).  It was agreed that a resource record for CRL should be created (already done).  Other methods, such as adding CRL records to out catalog, will be discussed.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 6th at 1:00 in N410