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ERM Minutes, June 4, 2008
Present: Paul, Linda, Yem, Chris, Peggy, Erin, Jina, Rani, Candy, Alison

Resource records and the Online Library Resources scope (update)

No update from the Web OPAC group.   

Call for General Subjects

We have request for an Asian Studies general subject.  It was agreed that the addition of an Asian studies general subject was reasonable and that it would be approved as soon as Yem and Xiang decide on a granular or a most/also useful approach.  It was also agreed that a call should be put out for new/changed general subjects.  Peggy emphasized the importance of keeping the top level screen to a manageable size.  Alison will draft a short explanation of what the requirements would be for a new entry to the top level screen.  This will be put out in the call for changes Paul will draft and forward to the committee for approval.  It was agreed that the suggested changes could go directly to the chair of ERM rather than through the liaisons used in the past.  We will not meet in July so changes to general subjects will be approved vie email.  Yem urged, and the committee agreed, that some explanation of this process should go into the bibliographers’ manual.  Paul will develop something from the call for changes. 

Status of the ERM Committee

Bert has asked if she should add the committee to the list of Libraries committees.  If added we need a charge…  Yem and Jina revealed that the status of the ERM Committee was being considered by SAIT as part of its charge.  Now that ERM is moving from an implementation phase to a continuing management phase it may be time to revamp its membership and charge.   Yem was able to find the charge of the e-resources task force (the precursor to the ERM Committee).  It is included below.  Paul will let Bert know that the ERM Committee will not seek to be recognized as an official Libraries’ committee at this time.

Electronic Resources Development Task Force
March 11, 2004
Yem Fong, Chair, IDS
Heather Wicht, IDS
Wendy Baia, Cataloging
Meredith Callahan, Reference
John Culshaw, Systems
Linda Helgoth, Acquisitions
Peggy Jobe, Engineering
Joseph Yue, Business

The Libraries has a significant investment in electronic collections including databases, journals, annuals, and monographs.  The process of acquiring, cataloging, delivering and managing these resources in the Libraries has evolved over time, with best efforts to communicate licensing and access information across multiple units and library wide.  The Electronic Resources Development Task Force works to facilitate and improve this process and to enhance resource discovery in order to maximize the Libraries investment in electronic resources.  Members will include faculty and staff from Public, Technical and Administrative Services.  The task force will report to COG and consult with the Web Advisory Committee (WAC) as needed. 
The taskforce will:

  1. Identify software solutions for e-resources management and OpenUrl linking.
  2. Act in an advisory capacity in the implementation of management tools and linking software.
  3. Identify software solutions for communicating license restrictions and permissible uses, including staff and public displays.

Connect to online resource for e-books

Jina suggested it was time to reconsider the field group f “Connect to online resource” message currently used for e-book packages.  She suggested, and it was approved by the Committee, that this message be changed to match the messaged used for electronic journals.  Candy has begun changing the message to read “Full text in …”.  Her first question, what about the Rumsey maps?

Resource Code 4 – E-books?

Candy suggested that we consider using Resource Code 4, a fixed field in the resource record, to describe what type of resource (e-books, journals, maps…) included in a database.  The Committee agreed that this was an idea worth pursuing.  Candy, Linda, and Erin will bring a list of codes back to the Committee next meeting for approval. 

Next meeting: Wednesday, August 6, at 1:00 in N410 (we will not meet in July)