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ERM Minutes, May 7, 2008
Present: Paul, Sara, Yem, Chris, Peggy, Erin, Jina, Rani

Resource records and the Online Library Resources scope (update)

This issue was discussed briefly.  The Web OPAC group has not yet considered it.  Update next meeting?   

About this Resource

The “About this Resource” link to resource records has been changed to “Description & Terms of Use.”  A model terms of use statement has been entered into the record for ACLS humanities e-book (below).  The committee decided this model was appropriate for inclusion to resource records with two changes.  The last line of the terms of use statement immediately under the description will be changed to read: “Please note that additional terms of use may apply.”  Secondly, the label that now reads Terms of Use (the last line of the record below) will be changed to read: “Additional Terms of Use.”  Candy and Linda will work with Meredith to make these changes and to add the terms of use statement to all resource records.

Ebooks and Coverage Loads

Some issues have come up in recent coverage loads for ebooks.  The first involved EEBO TCP.  In this case our attempt at a coverage load did not work until Systems was able to add capacity to the heap file on Candy’s pc.  This was the largest ebook load to date (11,000+ records). 

Other issues came up during the load for Safari ebooks.  We discovered that suppressing the bib record for something that had had a coverage load done against it did not automatically remove the public link to the record which displayed with the resource record.  Chris will review his procedures for deleting/suppressing ebook records and communicate the need to delete the soft link to the resource record to Candy.  Also 37 of the records for Safari ebooks did not include a 001 field.  We use this field as an alternate id in coverage loads and without the 001 fields in these records the linking did not work.  We are working on a means for putting 001 fields in these records and will redo the loading when this is done.  Chris and Jina will work on standardizing 001 fields when loading records.

IUG news   

Paul, Linda, and Sara went to an IUG session on using ERM to analyze journal packages.  If we can get proper usage statistics into ERM we should be able to determine cost per use and other information for the various resources we purchase.  Rani has been asked to give ERM committee members access to the Analysis function in ERM.  We will be able to experiment with it as we get usage statistics.  We may need to relook at Scholarly Stats as a source of usage statistics. 

At a WebBridge meeting it came to light that III is also in the process of splitting WebBridge into two parts: WebBridge LR (link resolver part) and Pathfinder Pro (Web Pac part).  We will need watch this development and consider the merits of switching to another link resolver. 

Next meeting: Wednesday, June 4th, at 1:00 in N410