ERM Implementation Team



Present:  Baia, Culshaw, Fong, Helgoth, Jobe, Wicht


Issues raised:


  • Discussion about the types of statistics we might want to gather from the system.  Yem agreed to check on the various reporting requirements for ARL. 
  • Should Resource Type (a variable field) be a fixed field for statistical purposes? Yem will check with CSU to see how they use this.
  • Resource Type V is not in the list of variable fields.  John will check to see if we need to have this added by Innovative.
  • What coding drives inclusion in an A-Z listing?  Yem will check with CSU.
  • Questions arose about the level of detail that should be included in the resource record.  Wendy is concerned about maintenance issues.
  • After looking at samples from the Ohio State catalog http://library.ohio-state.edu/search/, the implementation team may wish to rethink its decision not to include the label “[Full Text]” in the resource name variable field.  The label might be useful to users when picking from a list of databases generated by an A-Z listing.
  • Next meeting scheduled for July 11.


Examples from the Ohio State catalog. 




Bib record


Resource Record



A-Z List:







Results list after selecting “History” as a subject.  Note the [Full Text] label after the Resource Title.