ERM Implementation Team



Present:Baia, Culshaw, Fong, Helgoth, Jobe, Wicht


  • Baia re-stated her concerns about ďlosingĒ the bib record and the need the give the issue careful consideration.
  • Fong summarized a recent conversation with a librarian from CSU:CSU is creating resource records for databases, not creating records for journal packages.††† CSU has not created subject headings for packages such as Wiley Interscience. This is a reflection of past practices.Reference staff at CSU donít want users to find databases from the catalog.The A-Z and Subject lists appear to be the only access points.CSU is using local subject headings for the A-Z listing.At present the A-Z listing is a static html page (more below).
  • On the subject of static pages in the A-Z listing, one member of the team remembered discussion during our ERM training session.It is thought that Innovative may be at work on an upgrade to create dynamic pages.
  • Adding authority records for subject headings appears to be based on field group tag d rather than record type. (See the minutes from 7/11/2005). Culshaw agreed to follow up with Innovative to see whether or not this is a correct assumption.
  • Will we need to retain the E-Journal Finder when ERM is fully implemented?Questions remain about loading brief bib records into Chinook.Possible to buy MARC records from Serials Solutions.These would be loaded/unloaded on a regular basis (perhaps quarterly) to reflect the contents of aggregator databases.Would still need to purchase data from Serials Solutions.
  • Wicht agreed to search the archives of Innovativeís ERM list to see if there has been discussion of discontinuing creation of bib record if a library creates a full resource record.She also agreed to search to see if any library has been creating brief bib records from coverage loads.The team would like to see samples from another catalog.
  • Wicht reiterated that you canít get things into ERMís A-Z list if they donít have resource records.
  • Further discussion of the need to revise workflows as ERM is implemented.Helgoth wonders if resource records can be downloaded using Z39.50 and imported in ERM.†† Efficiencies can be realized if you can pull information from existing bib records.
  • The group hopes to complete its work on variable fields next week in order to move onto contact records.Wicht has contact information in a variety of places and formats.She would like to add this information to ERM before going on leave.
  • In order to test some of the groupís ideas, we need some sample records. Fong and Jobe agreed to work on resource records for:
    North American Womenís Letters and Diaries.
  • The next committee meeting is scheduled for 7/25/2005.Upcoming vacations will impact the meeting schedule.Helgoth will be out on August 1.Fongís out from August 9 for about 3 weeks.Jobe will be out August 15-26.Fong plans to visit U. of Washington on August 22.The committee should draft any questions that it would like Fong to ask by August 8.