ERM Committee Minutes

October 25, 2006


Present:  Callahan, Lamboy, Gobrecht, Moeller, Wakimoto, Baia, Graber, Holladay, Helgoth, Callahan, Fong, Wicht, Jobe


Comments made by the R2 team at various meetings stimulated a lively discussion about a timeline for the release of ERM and other enhancements to library services.  After discussion, the committee recommended simultaneous release of the following products and services on January 15, 2007. 


1)      WebPacPro (The January launch should be followed by usability testing for further fine tuning.)

2)      WebBridge---external linking only (Links from within Chinook to be implemented in Phase 2.  No target date.)

3)      ERM Phase 1--Resource records with local subjects and descriptions searchable from within the catalog.  Link as many license records as possible.(Find Articles and More will be implemented in Phase 2 after usability testing and additional input is gathered.  Phase 2 date:  late May 2007)

4)      Re-indexing of Chinook—Wakimoto in change of implementation


Implementation issues:

Because members of the committee and others have constraints on their time (consultations with R2, vacations, the Thanksgiving holiday, etc.) meeting a Jan. deadline will be a challenge.  The group strategized about how to accomplish this task.


1)      WebPacPro—COG’s public OPAC subgroup has not been able to meet regularly.  Fong will ask COG to authorize the creation of a working group composed of Callahan, Graber, and others that will make recommendations to public OPAC subgroup.  It is hoped that this will help speed the process along. 

2)      WebBridge—Wicht believes that this group is on target for a January 15 deadline.

3)      ERM Phase 1—Completion of the resource records is thought to be on target.  Coverage loads should be completed shortly.  Public Display needs to resolve a couple of issues and bring to the group as a whole for final decision.  The public display issues are closely intertwined with launch of WebPacPro.  License records should be linked for many databases.  Successful launch of ERM Phase 1 depends on the re-indexing of Chinook.

4)      Re-indexing of Chinook—The Libraries needs to make decisions on several major changes to the indexing structure, e.g., indexing title changes.  Wakimoto will ask staff in cataloging to write an overview of each proposed change listing the pros and cons that could be distributed to the Libraries.  That would be followed up by an open Q & A session in early December.  It was suggested that the Libraries Council could make the final decisions on any recommended changes.  Fong will ask Seaman to schedule a Libraries Council meeting for December.   The re-indexing will also include an expansion of the limit options by material type.  Since these material types can be represented by icons in WebPacPro, decisions on display options need to go hand-in-hand with the re-indexing. 


Because these changes will significantly impact the users, it was recommended that the Libraries develop a publicity campaign for the launch.  Jobe agreed to contact Fink and Hamilton. 


Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 1, 12:30 pm, Norlin N410.