ERM Implementation Team



Present:  Baia, Culshaw, Fong, Helgoth, Jobe, Wakimoto


  • Wakimoto agreed to join the ERM implementation committee.
  • The committee will be co-chaired by Fong and Jobe while Wicht is on family leave.
  • Since Wakimoto is new to the committee, members of the group gave a brief overview of progress to date. 
  • The committee discussed a proposal brought by Baia to form smaller sub-groups and include others who work with e-resources.  After the discussion, the sense of the group was that it needed to formulate a work plan and a timeline before forming sub-groups.  Once the committee has been able to identify the relevant issues, it could form sub groups to solicit feedback.
  • Culshaw agreed to add a links for ERM library catalogs and for the DLF Federation http://www.library.cornell.edu/cts/elicensestudy/ the ERM page.  Fong will send the links.  Catalogs that the committee has examined include:  U. of Washington, Ohio State, Bowling Green, New York University, Colorado State, the University of Technology, Sydney, and others.
  • Culshaw will ask Callahan to start exploring wwwoptions for ERM.  It may be that the Libraries can examine some of the public display issues from Chinook’s staging area.
  • The committee discussed plans for an ERM update session.    Issues that may be covered include:
    • A definition of ERM
    • An explanation of the process
    • Why ERM (the context)
    • The work of the committee to date
    • Displays for sample records
    • The record structure chart (relationships between resource, license, and contact records
    • Serials solutions vs. CASE
    • Implementation process at other Universities. 
    • Emphasize that we are experimenting and learning—at the beginning of a long implementation path. We haven’t reached a point where we are making decisions that might impact workflows.  When we do all affected will be involved. Talk about the lack of standardization in this area.  In the absence of standards, the committee is examining best practices.   
    • Tentative date:  October 26, 2:00 pm.
  • The committee plans to continue planning for the session at its next meeting on October 12.  Baia and Culshaw won’t be able to make that meeting.  Culshaw will also be out on the 19th.