ERM Committee Minutes

November 1, 2006


Present:  Callahan, Cronin, Lamboy, Gobrecht, Moeller, Wakimoto, Baia, Graber, Holladay, Helgoth, Callahan, Fong, Wicht, Jobe


The workflow group provided the following update:


ERM Workflow Minutes 10/31/06


- more than 50 licenses scanned into license database

- 39 license records

- do we need to revise General Guidelines for Terms of Use?

- start date not evident, will need to go back and correct

- for resources without physical licenses, Sara will create license records that point to "General Guidelines" and add any other known information, i.e.consortia, etc.


Resource records


- Candy is adding subjects to resources alphabetically in ERM

- Adding Local Subjects-- RECOMMENDATION: Supress local subjects from public display but make them active for the A-Z and Subject pages.  Example:

ScienceDirect record

- Discussion of separate local subject index -Linda will concentrate on finishing the Acquisitions end of resource records for journal packages first, adding contact records and adding scanned agreements to the license website.  Indexes and e-references sources will be completed after the journal packages are finished.

-Records for new resources will be added with all known Acquisitions information included.



- Trials -- 50 or so trial resource records created (resource status T)

- RECOMMENDATION: Make fixed field containing "Trial Information" start date/end date display to the public

- NOTE:  the percent sign % displays in actual numbers on staging server--is that WebPac Pro issue?

- Workflow: Sara will set up trial records for Coll Dev initiated trials, ACQ (Linda or Gloria) will set up trial records for trials requested by ACQ

- Contact records will be updated as needed when new trials are set up

- Will meet every 2 weeks


After discussing the recommendation to suppress local subject headings, the committee thought that it might not be possible to suppress the local subject headings but have them indexed for “Find Articles and More”.  Wakimoto will ask III if it’s possible to index fields that are suppressed under newer versions of the software.  If we are unable to suppress, Callahan can make modifications the order of display for consideration by the committee. 


After discussing display of trial information, the committee decided to display variable field “U” in the resource record to the public.  Trial start and end dates can be included here.


Holladay noted that special characters such as % need to be spelled out because they don’t display properly in the resource descriptions. 


After noting that there will be bumps in the road to implementation, the committee decided to send an e-mail or e-mails to the Norlin list about who to contact with problems.  Baia will work on this. 


Moeller anticipates that the coverage loads will be complete sometime this week.  At that point he’ll be ready to flip the 856 fields to 956.  Cataloging and Metadata will send an explanatory note to the Norlin list after the changes are complete. 


Jobe reported that she had been in contact with Fink and Hamilton about publicity for the launch.  Wicht suggested we that we move the official launch to Tuesday, January 16, because of the MLK holiday. 


Cabinet would like a list of tasks that need to be completed for the January launch.  A small group of people drawn from the membership of the various committees will meet with the cabinet to present an oral report.


Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 6, 12:30 pm, Norlin N410.