ERM Implementation Team



Present:Baia, Culshaw, Fong, Helgoth, Jobe, Wakimoto


The committee worked on its upcoming presentation.

        Fong sent an announcement to the Librariesí list.


        Baia volunteered to annotate and doublecheck checklists of ERM libraries and whether or not those libraries have sample records for specified databases.



        The committee created an outline of the presentation:

o       Introduction of the committee members

o       Introduction, context, dollars spend on e-resources, processes associated with e-resources.5-7 minutes. Fong.Fong will look at the workflow diagram for possible inclusion in this portion of the presentation.

o       Marketplace for ERM, how and why it developed, new types of records (license, resource, and contact), integration with existing III modules, ability to generate valuable data about how the Libraries is spending its money.Include database structure diagram, committee-developed record definitions, and website.5-7 minutes. Culshaw

o       Demonstrate resource and contact records for ArtStor.5 minutes.Helgoth

o       Demonstration of resources described in minutes of 10-26-2005 and record for Academic Search Premier in catalog of Deakin University. 10 minutes.Wakimoto.

o       Display issues, including formation of working groups to involve additional personnel from within the Libraries, ability to test on the staging server. 5-10 minutes.Baia


        Jobe agreed to work on a Powerpoint (with screen shots of things demonstrated during the presentation) to be posted on the ERM website.Presenters agreed to send a bullet list of the points they intend to cover for inclusion in the Powerpoint.


        The committee discussed questions that might come up during the presentation, including how ERM might affect the E-Journal Finder, workflow issues, and the need to involve bibliographers and others in the process.