ERM Committee Minutes



Present:  Baia, Callahan, Cronin, Fong, Graber, Helgoth, Jobe, Lamboy, Moeller, Wakimoto, Wicht


Moeller and Wakimoto were surprised by the size of the first batch of SS MARC records.  There were 24,518 records as opposed to the 45,000 unique titles listed in SS.  Wakimoto will follow up with Culshaw.


Helgoth provided a status report on the creation of brief resource records.  The first (titles turned on in SS) and second (databases) phases of the process are complete.  Helgoth and Lamboy are working on independent, one-off titles.  They estimate that there are over 300 brief resource records in the system.


The remainder of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of the Public Display Group’s progress report dated 6-30-2006.  After discussion the committee agreed that field names need to be harmonized for both internal and public display.  Although initially inclined to accept the recommendations of the subgroup, the committee decided it needed more time for consideration of the issues because of the long term ramifications of many of the recommendations contained in the document.  The recommendations have implications for workflows in technical services and holdings in both Prospector and OCLC.  The group agreed to continue the discussion at the next meeting of the full committee on August 1. 


The committee agreed with the subgroup’s recommendation to include links to a General Guidelines page in the Terms of Use field.  It was suggested, however, that the information in the field should be reversed, i.e., specific guidelines should precede the link to general guidelines.


Callahan reported that III is working on suppressing the MARC display option for resource records. 


When Callahan altered the wwwoptions to suppress information in the order record from public display in the resource record, she seems to have solved the “David Quackenbush” problem seen in the AIAA resource records.


Because the University Libraries is running an older version of WebPacPro on the live server and an updated version on the staging server, work on the design aspects of public display of resource records is on hold until COG reviews and makes a recommendation. 


Although Baia won’t be able to attend the next meeting of the full committee, she indicated that she would prefer to use “Database Name” rather than “Resource Name” or “Resource Title.”