ERM Minutes



Present:  Baia, Callahan, Culshaw, Fong, Helgoth, Jobe, Spahr,Wakimoto, Wicht




Culshaw should be consulted on an as needed basis.  The next meeting of the full committee is scheduled for May 3.  By that date, the subgroups should be able to report on their progress and, if possible, bring initial recommendations to the full committee.  Wakimoto volunteered to check with Rani to see if it would be possible to designate a subfolder for committee and subcommittee working documents on the Cataloging Sharepoint site.


·        Culshaw updated the committee on the status of his requests with III.  As soon as III gets back to him, he’ll populate the multi-value field for Licensee with the values shown in definition document for license records.  He’ll also update the group when III limits access to Usage Statistics in the resource record to those with 202 authorizations.


·        Wakimoto, Moeller, and Baia will complete the form required to customize SS MARC records to meet CU’s needs.   For some features the Libraries may need to customize the loader for the records.  Culshaw is available to consult on this issue.


·        Fong reminded the group to keep in mind that the Cabinet has expressed a willingness to provide additional support for the implementation of ERM and WebBridge.  We would need to identify areas where additional support is needed/useful and the skill sets needed.