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Icode1 Usage

The item record Icode1 field is one which we are able to define locally for internal projects. Innovative provides a range of values, from 0 to 9999, but it is up to us to keep track of what those values mean. The item record displays only the number of the icode1 with no explanatory text. Some ways in which we have used this field in the past:


  • BCR used a specific code to keep track of items which they had inventoried.
  • Some branches used specific codes to keep track of materials they were evaluating for shipment to PASCAL.

Essentially, the Icode1 field can be used to “flag” item records for almost any purpose. However, as there is no record in Innovative of what the values are being used for, it is up to us to keep track. The table below is intended to do that, but will only work if Libraries personnel:

  1. Advise the Libraries Information Technology Department each time a new project using the Icode1 field is begun and
  2. Advise Systems when a project is complete and a particular Icode1 value is no longer being used and should be removed from the table.

Current Icode1 values






Default value placeholder. Templates for new item records should use 0 unless the template is for a specific project which assigns an Icode1 value.


    Streaming video owned by CU Libraries.
102     Streaming video owned by instructor.
234   Brice Austin BCR digitization project.¬† Used to keep track of which items we have sent to BCR for scanning for this project.



Charlene Kellsey

Shared purchase plan items


Gov Pubs

Peggy Jobe

Long term “missing” designation without generating a trace by Circulation

Once a project is finished


  • If the project is finished forever, delete the codes. 
  • If there's a reason for keeping the codes, a note in the above table will state the reason why those codes are retained.