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About Chinook

Chinook, the University Libraries integrated library system, was installed in December 1994. Chinook is powered by Innovative Interfaces, Inc. software.


Chinook Web Management Reports

The Web Management Reports are graphical management reports. These reports analyze transaction-based information on Chinook and are compiled by the Millennium system automatically.


Innovative Guide & Reference (IGR)
This is the current reference guide and documentation for Innovative’s software products (excluding Sierra). It is updated with each new release of software that is installed on the Chinook server. The IGR is available at http://csdirect.iii.com. A username and password is needed for this site. Please contact Rice.Majors@colorado.edu for this information.

Using Millennium

List Guidelines (January 8, 2010)
Chinook review file lists have been reorganized!


An Introduction to Create Lists in Millennium | ppt web presentation
This presentation will introduce you to the basic mechanics of creating lists in Millennium. You will learn how to navigate through the Create Lists interface, formulate search criteria, and run a list. You will also learn how to view, sort, email, print, and export lists.


Exporting Lists in Millennium | ppt web presentation viewlet
Exporting lists from Millennium is easier than ever.


Registering Public Patrons | viewlet

Registering a public patron? Watch this viewlet to learn how.


Changing Chinook Passwords

Instructions for changing your chinook password. Explains the difference between your login password and authorization password.


Changing the Default Printer in Millennium | ppt web presentation

Learn how to change the default printer in Millennium.


Millennium Control Bar | ppt presentation  |  viewlet

In Millennium release 2002 version 3, the main menu is replaced by a tool bar. Watch the viewlet or powerpoint presentation to learn more about this new feature.


These macros handouts were developed in conjunction with a Faculty Staff Development workshop given on September 8th, 2004.
About Macros in Millennium
III Manual Pages for Macros
Navigational Shortcuts for Millennium Macros
Keyboard Shortcuts for Millennium Macros

Local Policies and Information

I code 1 Usage
Icode1 item record field is available for use by internal projects. Click here for more information and what codes are being used now.


Chinook Record Log
Historical Circulation Data
Please request Chinook authorizations through the Libraries Web Help Desk

Statistical Groups
Chinook Software Installation History

ERM Implementation Information

The Libraries started its implementation of the Electronic Resources Management (ERM) module in spring 2005. Look here for information about the project.

ERM SharePoint Site (membership/login required)

ERM Implementation Task Force Minutes

ERM Documents
ERM Forms

ERM Resources


WebBridge Documents
WebBridge Minutes
WebBridge Other Resources

Other Resources
* These websites (or certain pages of them) require a password.
Contact Rice.Majors@colorado.edu for this information.

* CSDirect
* Innovative Users Group
* Rocky Mountain Regional Innovative Users Group (RMRIUG)