WebBridge Meeting Minutes, 12/6/06


Present: Culshaw, Callahan, Wakimoto, Wicht, Holladay, Moeller, Fong, Austin


The meeting began by looking at an example of the WebBridge pop-up panel and some of the display issues associated with it. The first question that was raised was how to handle e-journal finder once WB is live. Currently e-journal finder says “search for full text” and there is some concern that this would still be the first place that users would go rather than WB. Heather believes that there might be a way to add it as a secondary lookup but she needs to learn more about this process. Brice suggested removing it from the main citation page and having it show up in the pop-up panel the way that ILLiad would if there was no full text available via WB. Heather and Sara will look into this though they are not sure if it is feasible at this time. Meredith suggested that another option would be to add a link to e-journal finder to the panel that would always show up and direct the user to the main e-journal finder page. The text for this could read “search e-journal finder” or something similar that implies the user would need to continue entering search terms. These two options will be looked into further, though for the Q&A on 12/11, the e-journal finder link will remain as it is now. However, prior to the Q&A, Heather will disable the “request from ILLiad” text/link option since it will show up in the pop-up panel when appropriate. The ultimate goal is to provide just one link/button for the user to click on.


Jina recommended that a hard, black line be added between the University Libraries logo at the top and the citation for clarity. Meredith will make this change prior to the Q&A.


The current phrasing in the pop-up panel of “find article in X” for each of the links under the full text option will be changed. After discussion it was decided that “full text in X” is the preferred phrasing to assure the user that they will be going to the full text.


After demonstrating that the coverage/holdings for a resource can be shown in the pop-up panel, it was decided that it was unnecessary. Since WB automatically uses information from the coverage load and only displays those resources which fit the date parameters, the holdings information would be redundant and would only crowd the panel even further.


It was decided that the name and icon of WebBridge should be changed to something that gives more context to the user – branding the text is also of interest since it will remind the user that the library is providing this service. The text that displays on the citation/origin page will be “CU ArticleLink”. John noted that several different applications such as CUConnect are using the “CU” and this would provide some continuity between products for users. Unfortunately the customization options in terms of a logo or button and the quantity of space available vary greatly from vendor to vendor. Therefore, the specifics for each database will be determined by vendor. As Heather and Sara set up the origins in January, they will know more about the options with different vendors. Some suggestions included using the University Libraries logo, using the burgundy color, or using the interlocking yellow CU logo.  


It was noted that there will be a PR meeting with Matt Hamilton on 12/8 to familiarize him with each of the products set to launch in January. Sara will attend to provide information on WB. Heather will be providing Matt with some text for PR purposes.


Heather passed around a few FAQs on WB that have been done by other universities. She would like to use the Deakin Univ FAQ as a template for providing library faculty and staff with an FAQ that would be posted on Chinook Corner (and e-mailed to the Norlin list) prior to the Jan launch. The OHSU FAQ passed around was closer to what Heather had in mind for a student/user FAQ. Other similar documents could possibly be found in the IUG Clearinghouse site. Heather and Sara will work with Stephanie to incorporate this into the How Do I site. It was suggested that there be a link to this information for the user from the pop-up panel. Some suggestions included a “need help?” link, an “i” in a circle link, a question mark in a circle link, or a “need help? See FAQ” link – all of which would link to this FAQ/How Do I document. Meredith will try out one or more of these in the panel.


The implementation plan was passed around; however, the schedule has already changed due to some resources being easier to work with than others. For the Q&A Heather will explain what WB is and how it will work; the implementation plan; 4 to 5 examples, including those that would show Chinook and ILLiad options, which will only show up when there’s no full text.


Before the Q&A:

--Sara will change the text in the pop-up panel to read “full text in X” for all resources

--Heather will change the “WebBridge testing link” in FirstSearch citation to read “CU ArticleLink”

--Heather will remove the ILLiad and Chinook options unless there is no full text

--Meredith will add a hard line to the pop-up panel between logo and citation