WebBridge Meeting Minutes, 10/16/2006


Present: Wicht, Austin, Moeller, Long, Wakimoto, Holladay, Fong


Heather listed the eleven resources which are being tested with ArticleFirst as the origin site for WebBridge and how she arrived at using these particular resources.  Heather also gave an overview of how WebBridge relates to the coverage loads; a discussion of how embargo dates are represented ensued. Heather will find an example of a title that’s has been embargoed to determine how the embargo dates from Serials Solutions are represented in WebBridge.


The remaining issues with WebBridge are:


Through the Alliance we have access to CrossRef (cooperative project of a large repository of data with DOIs) – CrossRef could be used to link single or smaller journals to WB. CrossRef would act as the target for these smaller resources, which would be more efficient than adding each of the smaller journals as targets. This could mean that coverage loads for these titles would not be necessary. Heather will talk to George at the Alliance to learn more about how seamless this process with CrossRef would be.


There was a discussion of whether or not we would need to do a netlibrary coverage load if those titles are already in Chinook. Jina noted that she would need to experiment to see what the coverage load would look like as well as thinking about the involvement of any other e-book packages.


The group looked at Lafayette College Library’s OPAC to see how WebBridge could one day be used. Bob Duncan, a systems librarian at Lafayette, has implemented WebBridge as a tool to search for additional resources within the catalog (try a search for Monet and click on the WebBridge icon on the right for examples). Lafayette’s ArticleLink is another tool - Jina noted that something similar could be done with the periodical scope page.


One of the issues in setting up WebBridge is that there are a limited number of providers that support OpenURL link resolvers at this time. The origin sites that support OpenURL are typically from more established publishers and this limits the number of origin sites.


Goals by January 2007:

  1. Complete the coverage loads; Paul has currently finished about half and anticipates the load/reload process becoming increasingly routine by January 2007.
  2. Set up target resources that support OpenURL
  3. Set up origin resources – last to turn on so that users will actually have text in targets with which to link

The group will also continue to flesh out the interface/public display.


Next WebBridge meeting potentially on Monday, 10/30, 1:00-2:00. Holley will confirm time/date with John.