WebBridge Meeting Minutes, 10/31/2006


Present: Wicht, Austin, Long, Wakimoto, Holladay, Fong, Callahan


Heather reported that the initial 11 resources are working and have all been finalized; this first stage is complete. Heather has asked Ann at Innovative to make a few cosmetic changes to the pop-up box including replacing the globe next to the WebBridge title with the interlocking CU logo and also changing the “Chinook” text to read “University Libraries” instead. Additionally, we will need to come up with the phrase for the initial WebBridge link – right now in ArticleFirst it reads “WebBridge Testing Link” (which will be changed) and there is a limit on the characters allowed.


Jina suggested that we discuss whether to include or change the text “find at”/ “find in” in the pop-up box.


At this point, if there are any errors that occur upon clicking the WB links in the pop-up box, it is most likely an error on the provider’s side. Jina did note for reference that SFX encountered only 80% accuracy with their links.


Later this week, Heather and Sara will teleconference with Ann at Innovative to walk through the process involved in setting up new resources with WB. Meredith will sit in on the start of this meeting to talk with Ann about customizing the pop-up since it is on a different port and she needs further information.


Heather stated that the WB group is small enough that sub-groups will not be necessary. After talking with Ann about how to set the resources up, we can come up with a prioritized list of resources to set up. Heather suggested that once we get going that the WB group should meet on a weekly basis on Mondays at 1:00 in N148. See end of minutes for future meeting schedule.


Brice spoke with Betsy about customizing the ILLiad page and it will be very easy to do. Brice will check in with Betsy again and make at least one change to the page so that the prompt at the bottom will read IndentiKey and Password. There was discussion over whether or not text should be included on that page to direct the user to search Chinook for print resources prior to submitting the ILL request. Jina noted that SFX had the capability of first searching for and showing full text if available, then checking the catalog by ISSN/ISBN (and title if needed), and then finally the ILL option if there are no other matches. Heather will talk with Ann to see if this is possible with WB.


Finally, Heather laid out the implementation plan for WB. First, she suggested that much like the ERM group, that the WB group posts their minutes and documents to Chinook Corner as a reference for those interested in WB’s status. Holley will check with John Culshaw to see who to contact about posting documents to Chinook Corner. The implementation plan includes the following phases:

1.    Enable linking from citation and external databases to full text options

2.    Create an individual article search like ArticleLink from Lafayette College (http://www.library.lafayette.edu/screens/af1.html)  [after discussion this was moved up to phase 2 instead of phase 3]

3.    a) Work on linking from the “more information” button in Chinook [note: Heather will check with Ann to see why Gale InfoTrac shows in the “more information” pop-up]

b) Link within the Acquisitions module of Millennium for example to Books in Print or other frequently used sites


CS Direct has WebBridge FAQs, best practices, and presentations – perhaps some of the FAQs content can also be added to Chinook Corner; Heather will ask Ann if Innovative would allow us to use the FAQ content as it normally requires a username and password.


There is an open FSDC slot on 12/13 to do a WebBridge Q&A – this date should be held. There will not be meetings on 11/6 or 11/13. The next meeting will be on 11/20 at 1:00 in N148. Further meetings will be scheduled at that time, potentially for every Monday at 1:00.