WebBridge/Find it at CU Meeting Minutes, 1/9

Present: Fong, Callahan, Holladay, Wicht, Moeller, Austin


The main topic of discussion in today’s meeting was the new name for WebBridge. Heather mentioned the reasons (as outlined in her e-mail) that CU ArticleLink might not be an appropriate name – the future linking to digital resources that go beyond just articles; the presence of CULink and the potential confusion involved.


Several other names were discussed including: CU WebBridge, CU Resources, CU Resource Finder, CU Get It, and Find it at CU. It was decided that “Find it at CU” will be the new name for WB thanks to its directness and user-friendly simplicity.


The group looked at some demonstrations of the origin databases that have been set up including CSA and H.W. Wilson. The link that notes “Check Your Library” should likely change once WB is implemented – either to Check Your Catalog, Check for Print, or eliminated entirely.


Next the group looked at the FAQ page and How Do I? document that Heather put together. Paul pointed out some changes that needed to be made to the FAQ page to clarify that WB will not include all electronic resources – that new resources are being added but that the catalog or e-journal finder will need to be checked to provide the most comprehensive search for e-resources. Heather will make a few other additional changes to wording or linking (a different link for the contact section). Similar changes will be made to the How Do I? page. Stephanie’s final approval will be needed on the How Do I? page as she is the one who maintains them. Heather will suggest to her that additional changes might need to be made on the Chinook catalog piece regarding finding specific articles from a citation.


In terms of PR, Matt Hamilton will be sending out notices and information to his normal outlets but Heather would also like to send an e-mail out to Norlin. There was discussion over what items to mention in the e-mail to Norlin and how quickly it needs to be sent. Heather will send the e-mail out by Thursday 1/11 at the latest to provide instructors with enough time to prepare for the start of spring semester next week.


It was estimated that about 25 to 30 target resources will be up by the “live” date of 1/16; and about 10 to 15 origins. [Target = end database that provides the full text to the user; origin = starting database that provides the citation and Find it at CU link]


There was a brief discussion regarding Google Scholar. It was decided that a separate meeting should be held to discuss whether or not to involve GS in our OpenURL linking and if so, what steps need to be taken.