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Virus Protection

Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Up-To-Date

Systems install eTrust antiviruses on all computers. This software will protect your computer from viruses and worms as long as the virus definition database is up-to-date. The updates occur periodically throughout the day and at night. This is one reason why Systems requires that computers stay turned on at night.

The eTrust icon looks like this (animated) or this and is located in the System Tray in the lower-right portion of the screen. You may have to click the double arrow to see all of the icons on the system tray. If the icon is not there, eTrust may not be installed on you computer. Send a message to libhelp and let us know so we can check your machine and make sure that it is installed. Make sure to include your CU Tag so we can more easily locate your machine.

You can check that your virus definition database is up to date by right-clicking the eTrust icon and choosing Version Information.

From here, you will see screen that shows when the file was last updated. There are two virus definition databases (InoculateIT, and Vet). The Last Update column should have a date from within the last week.

If the Last Updates are not current, you can right-click the eTrust icon and choose Download Signature Now.

Check the Last update column again. If the virus definitions are older than a week, please contact lib-help.


Email Attachment Guidelines
  1. If you receive a suspicious attachment, delete it without opening it.
  2. Even if the attachment comes from someone you know, do not open it unless you know what the attachment contains. A virus/worm can forge the sender’s email address and make it look like it is coming from someone you know.
  3. If you receive an attachment that you were not expecting, email or call the sender to verify that they sent you the attachment.
  4. If you receive an attachment that is suspicious, you can contact lib-help and we can take a look at it in a way that won't activate the virus.