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Resources for Building Digital Collections at UCB University Libraries

This page contains tools, policies, procedures and other resources for digital collection creation.


Project Planning
Digital Project Proposal Form
Have an idea for a digital project? UCB University Libraries faculty and staff are encouraged to submit a digital project proposal form. The Libraries Information Technology Department and the Digital Library Management Group (DLMG) will work with you to explore the proposal.

Review the proposal procedure for additional information. Provide as much information as you can when completing the form, but don't worry if you do not have all the details now. The purpose of this form is to generate ideas and to help you to begin thinking about the issues involved in a digital project. Describe the project in terms of the ideal scenario with the understanding that practical constraints may put limitations on actual project goals.
View a List of Project Proposals
UCB University Libraries faculty and staff may view a list of project proposals submitted for review. At present, this list of proposals does not include any information about their status. These projects may be completed, in progress, slated to begin at a later date, under consideration, or infeasible as currently proposed. If you have questions about the status of your proposal, please contact Holley Long.
File Naming Conventions
Guidelines on File Naming Conventions
Other Resources
Moving Theory into Practice (Cornell University Library)
Planning an Imaging Project (Research Libraries Group and Digital Library Federation)
Questions to Ask Before Beginning a Digitization Project (Collaborative Digitization Program)

Handling Guidelines for Paper-Based Materials

Digitization Standards
Digitization specifications for UCB Libraries' collections follow national standards. The standard is selected based on a number of factors including media, intended use, and requirements of granting agencies or collaborative projects.
BCR’s CDP Digital Imaging Best Practices Version 2.0
Digital Audio Best Practices
Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative
Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access: Creation of Production Master Files - Raster Images
Epson Expression 10000XL Scanner Instructions
These general scanning instructions apply for both Epson Expression 10000XL scanning stations in the Libraries' digitization lab.
Quality Control for Digital Images
QC procedures and worksheet
Access and Thumbnail Images (Derivatives)
Access and thumbnail images (derivatives) are smaller copies of a master image file. Luna Insight software generates its own derivative files, but derivatives need to be created for Millennium Media projects. The Use Photoshop to Create Derivatives instructions describe how to use the batch feature to generate derivative files for a large quantity of files using the resize_images action. The resize_images.atn file is available on the digital initiatives SharePoint site.
Extracting Data from a TIFF header
TIFF files contain header tags that store technical information about the file. This document describes how to extract that information from individual TIFF files using Adobe Photoshop.
University of Colorado Digital Library Metadata Best Practices
All implementations of the University of Colorado Digital Library, including DIAL, must follow appropriate metadata standards. This document offers an introduction to metadata, provides links to resources containing more information on various metadata schema, and describes the required and recommended elements for collections in the CU Digital Library.
DIAL Metadata: Worksheet | Worksheet Instructions
If the metadata for your digital collection already exists in another system (i.e. Chinook), you can use this worksheet to crosswalk the data from the existing system into DIAL. It is also helpful in planning a new DIAL cataloging template, if one does not already exist.
Procedure for Batch Loading Metadata into DIAL
Aerial Photographs of Colorado Collection     Download import template (Excel file)
Building Colorado Story by Story: The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Colorado Collection     Download import template (Excel file)
Dublin Core Training Collection     Download import template (Excel file)
Publishers Bindings Collection     Download import template (Excel file)
Inscribe Training Handout
Inscribe is the cataloging tool for DIAL. This handout includes basic instructions for cataloging a record and using the media management tools.
METS Generator: Download Software | User Documentation | Technical Documentation
The METS Generator application takes administrative, technical, and descriptive metadata marked up in XML and wraps it into a single, valid METS record.
Other Resources
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) Official Website
MIX: NISO Metadata for Images in XML Schema Official Website
Access and Delivery
Luna Insight: Home page | Support Center
Luna Insight is the digital library software that powers DIAL and the University of Colorado Digital Library. Check the support center link for documentation and downloads.
DIAL Training
Luna Insight FAQ for Instruction Librarians
End User Training Materials
Instructions to Download Luna Insight JVA client
This page contains the files and instructions to download the Luna Insight JVA client. This version of the JVA client is configured with the Libraries' collections and other freely accessible collections.
Millennium Media Guidelines
Millennium media is the Innovative product that attaches digital media files (images, audio, etc) to a bibliographic record. These guidelines provide instructions on using the product and describe standardized procedures for file names, labelling, etc.
Rights and Restrictions
Summary of Copyright Work (UC System Digital Asset Management Task Group on Copyright)
Conditions of Use Policy (In Review)