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Coordinated Educational Services Librarians (3 openings), University of Minnesota (June 19, 2006)


We have an incredible opportunity at the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities to hire 3 librarians for a newly forming department in the Libraries.  At the same time, we are at various stages in the development of learning commons at several of our campus locations.   We anticipate that one of the new librarians we hire will take a leadership role as a key library driver, collaborator, and in some cases, manager for the library side of these learning commons.


You can thank Caroline Crouse, one of the founders of this listserv and organizer of the IC program at ALA, for this opening. :-) She just stepped out of the position here at the U of MN and is on her way to a new position at George Washington.  So please feel free to snag her - or myself - at ALA if you see us there to ask us about the positions and the new department - or just drop me an email if you prefer.


A shortened version of the job ad is below but for the full announcement with the quals, etc. go to


Coordinated Educational Services Librarians

3 Openings

The University of Minnesota is engaged in a strategic process, strengthening its position as a top public research university. Important themes emerging from the process include student engagement and research opportunities, interdisciplinary-collaboration, integration of writing in the curriculum, and new approaches to Honors programs.

In order to better position the Libraries within the Universitys planning, a new department, Coordinated Educational Services (CES), is being created within the Academic Programs Division of the University Libraries. The Libraries are looking for three innovative and energetic individuals to complete a current staff of six librarians and para-professionals.


This new department will be on the cutting edge of the development and coordination of library tools and services used by faculty, students, and staff across campus. Core products and services under the CES umbrella include learning spaces, digital reference, instruction/orientation, online tools, and multicultural outreach. CES will also provide Libraries staff with consultation, training and assistance in development of discipline-based instructional literacy programs and digital tools.


Each member of CES will take lead responsibility for at least one of the departments core services or products plus provide support and staffing for one or more other core services. In addition, each member will be involved in department-wide visioning, goal setting, and development of all new and current CES services and tools. These are continuous appointment-track positions; librarians are expected to contribute to the Libraries, the University and professionally.


Given the range of responsibilities in CES, successful candidates will bring critical skills to the department and undertake the acquisition of new skills needed to innovate and build new products and services. Although we do not expect any one candidate to have all the necessary skills for CES, we expect that the department will be comprised of individuals who, in totality, have skills in these areas:

• Teaching and learning theory and practice
• Information literacy program development
• Project planning and development
• Program planning and development
• Digital reference
• Online learning and digital tool development
• Database management
• Web development and programming
• Usability evaluation
• Assessment
• Marketing
• Learning spaces design, development, and management
• Multicultural services and working with diverse populations

Individual position descriptions for these three librarians will be developed based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of successful candidates. Position responsibilities will evolve as CES programs and services take shape in tandem with the Libraries strategic directions.


The rest of this job description is available at

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