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Technical Services Department Heads Meeting July 11, 2007

Janet is in the process of hiring a replacement for Ruth.

Personnel matters were discussed.




Pat is finishing up the final report for the NEH grant.


She has written a draft of Preservation Program Purpose and Goals in response to a recommendation in R2 report. This has been provided to the department heads for their comments.

Update on collection assessment project - Earth Sciences is finished; Special Collections and Gov Pubs are underway; Music will begin in late summer. Rehiring and retraining of some students for the project.


She will soon recruit for a re-worked LT II position responsible for assessment, conservation treatment, and bindery preparation. A position description that emphasizes the special skills required is being developed.




Table of Contents enrichment project - test file is received from Blackwell. Total records enriched for imprint year 2006 is 63%. As soon as license and payment is sorted out, we can load these records and have them display in Chinook.


We've received 49 applications for the 2 cataloging faculty positions. Search committee will begin its work next week.


Department Management Group will have a strategic planning retreat on 7/16.




They are closing the books this week - this is a full month ahead of previous years.


Charlene plans to enter the initial appropriations based on last year's budget then adjust when the final budget is signed, so they can start ordering.


She will begin writing procedures for shelf-ready process for Virtual Approval Plan (VAP) books. Once we start receiving VAP books shelf-ready, it will have significant impact on Marking staff.


Charlene and Heather wrote a draft proposal for Gifts-in-kind policy. They will present it at the Bibliographers meeting on 7/12.


They plan to revamp the Gifts policy in the Fall.


Acq staff started processing gift materials checking for dups.


Patricia Morris

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting July 25, 2007

Pat Morris was absent.

Janet reported that the Cabinet meeting was cancelled.

Jina reported that Marta Frydman has submitted her resignation from the temporary librarian position in the Monographic Cataloging Unit, effective August 24, 2007.

Jennifer Davis will be the Technical Services representative to thePeriodicals Room Task Force. The search committee for the two faculty cataloging positions has selected the candidates to interview. Interviews will not be scheduled until September, due to many overlapping absences of committee members in August.

Janet will remind Cabinet of the need for office spaces for the new faculty when they are hired.

Cataloging and Metadata Services continues to investigate and talk with vendors about outsourcing database authority cleanup for the online catalog.

Because many supervisors will be out in August, C&MS will not be in a good position to discuss new cataloging project requests until September.

Helene and Paul (mostly Helene) worked out a strategy to globally update "simple" holdings statements to MARC21 format. More than half of the active holdings (7284) have been updated. As the Libraries has about 85,000
holdings statements, this is just the beginning, but a good start. Paul will be training Acquisitions Serials Receiving staff soon to use the MARC21 format for current receipts.


Juniper Valley will be delivering furniture soon in Preservation for student workstations and storage for binding shipments. Some compact shelving has already been installed. Others in the Libraries with a potential need for such shelving are invited to come and look at it.


Ruth will be working with our new division Administrative Assistant, Beverly Weddle, to schedule a Juniper Valley appointment to look at deteriorating edges on work surfaces in Acquisitions, as well as to adjust surface heights as several people move into new positions.


Charlene Kellsey

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting: August 8, 2007

Pat reported that new furniture for workstations in Marking has been installed; electrical connections are in process and they are doing some rearranging.


Two Victorian atlases have gone out for deacidification and preservation so they can be used for classes.


The Boulder County map has been stabilized and is ready to be sent out for preservation photocopying.


She and Carl are using the Climate Notebook software to prepare a report on the high relative humidity this summer, especially in Archives and Music Special Collections. Pat is also working on standards for selecting materials for preservation digitization.


Charlene reported that she has met with Yem about temporary budget allocations to enter into Millenium until the final budget is received from the campus. She is also working on revising several PDQs and Program Plans to reflect the recent staff changes.


Jina was out of town.


Charlene Kellsey

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting: September 11, 2007

TS Dept. heads met on Tues. this week to accommodate schedules. Janet had not yet met with Cabinet, so had no report. Cataloging and Metadata Services The interviews for the monographic cataloger in SPC/Archives team concluded. The search committee may have a difficult decision, which is a happy situation. The second round of interviews for the monographic cataloger will begin next Monday, the 17th.


Jina raised a concern regarding the Media Transition and a significant impact this has on the Catalog Management Team. The Media Library held a complicated collection that had not been through a retrospective conversion process, had never been inventoried and many lack online access, or item records. Some microfiche and microcards without online access have gone to Pascal. Should we create online records from shelflist cards, and what priority should be given to this project? Several large analyzed sets require item records with complicated barcoding and linking issues. An example is Early English books with 2946 microfilm reels that have 40,829 analytic records.


There is also a significant amount of withdrawals. There are some issues with CDs, cassettes and DVDs, but we are handling those. Janet will bring this up for discussion at a Cabinet meeting.


Cost estimates for outsourcing authority control have been received from two vendors who have comparable and large university libraries as customers. These estimates are far more reasonable than initially thought. C&MS will examine and compare the processes for both vendors before making a recommendation.


The processes for enriching the bibliographic records with Table of Contents purchased from Blackwell are worked out. Monographs with 2006 imprints have been retrospectively enriched. This test case showed that 15,797 out of 25,248 records (63%) have enriched TOC available. Collection Development set aside funds to provide ongoing TOC enrichment. Acq and C&MS are working out a process for 2007 imprints and new acquisitions. Copy catalogers are being trained to catalog the Epsteen collection of children's fiction and non-fiction from Special Collections. There are about 3,000 volumes.


Copy cataloger(s) are also helping out the Map Library in cataloging their backlog of atlases.




Erin Grabowski started last week in the LTII position in the Serials Order unit and is already providing Linda with a lot of help on the journal subscription renewals.


Naomi will be posting an LTII transfer opportunity on the Norlin list for the vacancy in the Monograph Receiving Unit.


A professor with the Center for Asian Studies purchased over 90 books for the library while she was in India this summer using grant money. The books that are in Hindi will be sent out to OCLC Techpro for cataloging.


The department has been working with a new, local, out-of-print service to supply books that had been on order for awhile. They are having a very good success rate.


Many beginning of the semester Rush orders were ordered with the A-card from Amazon.com, and although the delivery time was very fast (1-2 days) the accounting was difficult because Amazon clumps multiple orders into one charge on the credit card. Other vendors for Rush orders are being investigated in an ongoing attempt to improve service on Rush orders. Past Rush orders that were never received because they were reported out-of-print are being systematically cancelled and placed with the out-of-print service and many are being found within a short time.


Charlene and Lisa are working on procedures to add Promptcat records and shelf-ready processing for the virtual approval books received from Blackwell, in consultation with the Cataloging & Metadata Services Dept. They hope to have the service begun sometime this semester.

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting: September 27, 2007

The carpet for Charlene Kelsey's office will be installed soon, and after that the new furniture. This means that Charlene will be able to move out of her office upstairs. TS will suggest this office space (which is large enough for two) as offices for the two new catalogers, until a more permanent location can be found.




The Search Committee for monographic catalogers concluded the interviews for the second cataloger and are in the final stages of the search process.


The Table of Contents enrichment project received positive feedbacks thus far. We added an entry announcing this to the Department's blog at http://cucataloging.blogspot.com/ The project, however, revealed unanticipated problems with name headings. The names in TOC are not in authorized forms, resulting in duplicate entries in the browse screen, e.g., Mondrian Piet and Mondrian Piet 1872 1944. We are working on a process to merge these names and review other name heading problems. Authority control vendors will not include these names in their regular process.


Cost estimates for outsourcing authority control have been received from two vendors who have comparable and large university libraries as customers. The estimates involve a one-time cost for retrospective review of the Chinook database, then an annual ongoing cost. We are awaiting direction from the Cabinet to proceed. In the meantime, C&MS will investigate and compare the processes for both vendors. One of the vendors offer Blackwell's TOC enhancement at cost, which would allow us to send out and receive a segment of our database for both TOC enrichment and authority control at the same time.


Jina convened a meeting of a group from Collection Development, Acquisitions and C&MS to discuss e-resources workflow and cataloging. The topics discussed were communication chains and possible use of ERM to record these communications and decisions; dealing with growing numbers of e-book packages and the use of ERM to relate the e-book titles to their packages via resource record; bibliographic record v. resource record for freely available web resources; and archiving issues for journal content and MARC records.


The copy catalogers are busy cataloging the Epsteen Collection in Special Collections. Once these are completed, they will be sent to Pascal. Debbie, Michelle, Windy and Anna will visit the warehouse to see 15 pellets of photobook collection recently acquired, as well as other materials awaiting to have access provided.




They will have a cleanup day on Sept. 27 to work on getting rid of old documentation and unneeded furniture, etc. in order to make more space. They've also been working on trying to improve access to the N148 conference room.


They are working on finalizing procedures to begin getting Promptcat records and shelf-ready processing for books coming on the virtual approval plan with Blackwell. Jina, Windy and Charlene met and decided to accept all record types from OCLC and then sort in-house which ones will still need to go to catalogers for upgrading, and which can go directly to Circulation.


Lisa Gould has updated the form for gathering statistics within the department, and she and Charlene will be analyzing that data at the end of the year to see if they can document patterns in the flow of material into the department, and whether implementing Promptcat on a wider basis affects the flow out of the department.


Naomi Seko is in the process of posting the vacant LTII position in the Monograph Receiving Unit in Human Resources. Linda Helgoth welcomed Erin Grabowski to the department in the Serials Order Unit on Sept. 4; stop by and introduce yourself if you haven't already met her.

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting: October 10, 2007

RECRUITMENT: We are beyond delighted to have hired two faculty catalogers from a very strong pool of candidates. Peter Rolla will be starting Dec. 1, and James Ascher will be starting in January. Acquisitions has interviewed candidates for their LT2 vacancy, and is now calling references. Preservation's LT2 Conservation Technician posting is closing soon. CMS is rewriting the position for Head of Copy Cataloging, and will repost it as a GP (the same classification at which it was previously filled).


EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION: Everyone is strongly urged to sign up with the University's emergency notification system. You can choose e-mail or text message notification or both. Further, if an emergency message comes in, everyone should NOT "keep it to themselves", but make sure that others are informed. Here is the link: http://www.colorado.edu/alerts/ Bev is putting together new emergency phone lists for TS departments. These lists are NOT public, and will only be used in the case of emergencies. Departments will establish phone trees (if they don't already have them) to indicate who calls whom.


GIFT BACKLOGS: Daniel Morimoto updated the inventory of unprocessed gifts before he left. Since we are now in a position to undertake some gift processing from time to time, Charlene will bring the matter to the Bibliographers, seeking advice and comment regarding relative priority for processing these gifts. As always, there are competing priorities (e.g., what priority should be assigned to providing bibliographic control to media materials being relocated to PASCAL), and also as always, other variables may affect the order in which materials are done (e.g., available storage space, relative difficulty and availability of appropriate staff, proportion of duplicate materials).


AUTHORITY OUTSOURCING: Some clarification. Authority outsourcing involves having a vendor match headings found on records in our database against the national authority database, fixing discrepancies found, providing authority records for new headings, etc. It takes in all records in our database, not just those individually handled in CMS or elsewhere. Thus, it provides heading control for some things that we have been unable to handle before, such as government document records batch loaded, for other records acquired in batches and downloaded, etc. The same kinds of matching algorithms are applied to (and are appropriate for) all headings, regardless of format or subject area. Authority outsourcing, does NOT free CU catalogers from the responsibility to establish and control headings for materials cataloged, but it will enable us to control headings that we could not previously handle, and to revise and/or eliminate certain processes. The result will be a more reliable database and better retrieval for all materials in the catalog, as well as a considerable savings of staff time ... which can then be turned to other work. Actual workflow and process decisions have yet to be made, since they would be tied to the particular vendor selected.


COOP PLANNING (Continuity of Operations): We discussed the preparation of emergency planning documents, and will return to the discussion next week. It's not terribly difficult to make plans for a short-term (under a week) forced absence from Norlin, but longer-term planning is more difficult, since it depends so heavily on systems -- where is the server and what's on it; what requires Millenium; etc. Because TS work requires particular programs on computers, the question arises: would it be wise to begin replacing staff workstations with laptops and docking stations, so the laptops could be taken to wherever the alternate work location might be? Of course, this raises security issues ....


PRESERVATION: Facman has offered the Libraries a stand-alone HVAC unit from the soon-to-be-demolished Art Building that might improve environmental conditions for sensitive materials such as audio visual materials in Archives or Special Collections. We are investigating possibilities. We are also investigating water alarming techniques and other issues with Libraries Administrative Services.


VERMIN: Fall is the time that pests such as mice and bugs look for nice warm locations to reside that also serve food. [At this point in the meeting, as if on cue, a centipede ran across the office floor.] In addition to the crumbs and leftovers you might leave out (please clean up!), they may also eat paper and books. If any pests are noted, please notify Dan Davidson, and FacMan will send their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) people to address the problem. Carl in Preservation also likes to get copied on these emails to Dan so he can monitor collections' issues. Be especially aware that cleanup of mouse droppings should be done carefully because of the threat of hantavirus. Unless you are well-informed, clean up like this is best left to professionals.


WITHDRAWN MATERIALS: Naomi checked with B-Logistics and they will accept for resale the laserdiscs being withdrawn from the Media Library, so we will send them in the next shipment.


DISCARDS (FURNITURE, MATERIALS, EQUIPMENT, MISCELLANY): Everyone is reminded that there are strong regulations regarding the disposal of State property. NOTHING -- even if it is no longer needed by the Libraries -- can be disposed of directly TO any person. We only have three choices: (1) toss it; (3) transfer it to someone in the Libraries who needs it for their work in the Libraries; (4) offer it openly through public sale (selling it though B-Logistics is an approved method of public sale, as is transfer to the State for sale). Unfortunately, the State will only accept big stuff (desks, chairs, tables, etc.), and not the small stuff that we sometimes have (dictionary stands, table lamps, in-boxes, etc.), which means that if such things can't find a home in the Libraries, they will have to find a home in the dumpster. And we know it's frustrating.


MINUTES: Bev has a prototype of a minutes file for TSDH, TS Unit Heads, and TS Division meetings up on the TS Web site. Currently (well, as of 10/10), all minutes were filed one after another from one click. This will be revised so that each set of minutes will be separately listed under the date, and separately clickable. But you can still check it out.


PHOTOGRAPH: The photograph currently on the TS web page has nothing to do with TS, and we need to replace it. So the question is ..... what would YOU take a picture of to represent TS?


Janet Swan Hill


Technical Services Department Heads Meeting: May 14, 2008

Standard Work Week Correction

The standard work week for Libraries and University employees begins at 12:01 a.m. Sunday.  The mention of Saturday in the link below is only an example. Just above that quote is the following paragraph. "Under FLSA, a workweek for non-exempt employees is a "fixed and regularly recurring period of 168 hours - seven consecutive 24-hour periods." It may begin on any day of the week and at any hour of the day. Once the beginning time of an employee's workweek is worked." The University of Colorado has established the work week as beginning on Sunday at 12:01 a.m. and this continues to apply to all Libraries employees. Thanks, Dylan


It was noted that some items discussed in yesterday's TS Unit Heads meeting which more information has been obtained: The standard work week begins at 12:01 a.m. Saturday and ends the following Friday at midnight (12:00 a.m.). This is referenced in the FLSA Technical Assistance provided by the State Dept. of Personnel: http://www.colorado.gov/dpa/dhr/comp/docs/flsa.pdf. (at the top of Page 11).   This information (including the URL) will be added to the TS policy statement.  Because this definition of the work week has implications for the ability of non-exempt employees to make up work, further discussion with unit heads is required.


The Performance Management User Guide
(http://www.colorado.edu/humres/downloads/BoulderPMPUserGuide.pdf) contains instructions regarding weighting of core competencies:  "Each goal or objective must be weighted and have a weight of at least 1. The sum of the weight column must equal 100. The OLR recommends that each core competency be given a weight of at least 5, but preferable [sic] 10." (page 8).  As was indicated during the meeting, there will be further discussion of evaluationpractices at a future unit heads meeting.  


Janet Swan Hil

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting: May 28, 2008

Janet reported that the Cabinet will be re-examining the charges and membership of Libraries committees at their next retreat.


Cabinet has approved moving ahead with outsourcing authority control for the catalog in the next fiscal year. One-time funding for the initial load is being identified; the much smaller on-going annual charge will be included in the budget.


Work on identifying a new discovery layer product for the catalog will continue. Jina announced that the representative from Serials Solutions will be here on June 16 and will do a demonstration of the Aquabrowser product. Time and place TBA.


Painting of the walls and wooden bookcases in Acq. and CMS were discussed and it was agreed to go ahead since Facman will be paying for painting the walls. The colors will be cream or ecru for the walls, and the darker blue for the bookcases. This will probably take place in June since Facman needs to use the funds by the end of the fiscal year.


Concerns about the West door security in the early morning before the library is open to the public were discussed. It has been learned that Campus Security unlocks the door during their rounds, so time is approximate around 7 a.m. Libraries security cannot allow anyone into the building until the interior fire doors have been unlocked, per order of the Fire Marshall, so this means early arriving staff may have to wait. Cabinet is continuing to investigate options.


Concerns about not being able to exit through the mailroom in an emergency have also been raised and Admin. Services is investigating.


Jina reported that 17,088 records were sent out to Blackwell for table of contents enhancement, of which 9967 had TOC available (approx. 60%). Ongoing funding for this will need to be included in next year's budget.


Pat reported that duties and reporting lines are being reorganized in the Preservation department; further details will be forthcoming. The staff time being saved in the Marking unit due to shelf-ready books is being reallocated to the very large amount of book repair and conservation work that needs to be done.


Charlene reported that Acquisitions is very busy with the last approval shipments and the many firm orders flooding in.


Charlene Kellsey

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting: June 10, 2008

Janet reported on several items:


Paul Moeller's appointment as Head of Electronic Resources and Serials Access Team is now confirmed.


The Cabinet had a long discussion with security about staff access to the building in the mornings.  The long and short of it is that staff will not be able to get to their workstations until 7:15 in the morning. A more detailed explanation of the reasons for this will be forthcoming.  This is a matter governed by the University, and the Libraries can do nothing to change it.  It was noted that when the Information Commons is complete, staff will be able to come into that area and get to a computer to begin checking email, etc.


A consultant on digital issues is expected to be here in the fall of 2008.


Susan presented a proposal to address daily delivery to the branches.  Daily delivery is on the next Council meeting agenda.

The Cabinet identified funding for the purchase of authority control.


Janet was in Washington, D.C., last week for the LC response to the report of the Working Group.  The Working Group will continue in an informal capacity.


CMS:  Painting in TS will begin soon.  Jina will discuss with her staff arrangements for staff to move out of the work area during the days when paint fumes are bad.  It will be necessary for staff to take breaks when the fumes are strong.


An order went out for furniture to remodel the Serials Cataloging area to accommodate additional staff and to ease the crowding in Monographic Cataloging area.


Jina is working on sole-source justification for a vendor for outsourcing authority control.  Windy and Meri are nearing completion in their investigation into the process, and Windy scheduled a meeting with the branch cataloging units for questions and consider their possible unique situations.


Preservation:  Pat outlined the timeline for completing the CNAP project and development of the results.  The reorganization of the department is in its transitional phase.  Kay and Megan will be studying treatment techniques in Utah the last two weeks in June.  Carl has completed the update of the Quick Reference Emergency Response handout and will distribute it before construction starts.  He has already had to respond to one minor emergency related to the construction.Carl also suggested an exhibit related to the Boulder County Map project; Matt Hamilton and Katie Lage will be involved in the effort, which we hope will raise awareness among the Libraries supporters of the nature and need for preservation of the collections.


Acquisitions:  Charlene was out of the office this week.


Patricia Morris