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Department Heads Minutes: fy 08-09

MM/DD/YR: 05/13/09


Technical Services Department Heads Meeting May 13, 2009

1.  Janet Hill will be on sabbatical from July 1 to Dec. 31.  Jina Wakimoto
will serve as acting head of TS during that time.


2.  TS is looking at end-of-year projects.  We will be making a special push
on the processing of Chinese gifts, and other gifts as well.  Other projects
are also being considered if there is time and money to do them.


3.  In response to an expression of dismay from Jina Wakimoto (dismay over
Blackwell's ceasing to provide authoritative author names for tables of
contents) Blackwell is giving us a special pricing for a limited time for
Table of Content enrichment.  We will use the savings generated for as much
retrospective TOC enrichment as is covered by the savings. 


4.  We will be receiving a large gift of South Asian materials, including
materials in Urdu, Hindi, and Sanskrit.  Cataloging of these titles will be


5.  Acquisitions is getting ready to run a repeat of the workflow study that
was performed prior to the R2 consultants' visit.  We will be keeping track
of the number of "touches" and the amount of time items spend in TS from the
point they are unpacked until they are released to Circulation.  Since the
study will be identical to the one performed prior to the major changes made
throughout TS (including being done at the same time of year), we will be
able to assess the impact of the changes.


6.  CMS is exploring with Systems the production of video and digital
training materials.


7.  We are still working on persistent diacritic issues.  Only 2 minor
issues are yet to be resolved, and it's beginning to look as if they have to
do with the original input from LC, in which case they may not be
resolvable.  (though it may be a transitional stage at LC, and if so, the
problem will be solved that way).


8.  Pat Morris is working on evaluation of bids for a new
binding/preservation contract. 


Janet Swan Hill, Professor