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Division Minutes: fy 07-08

MM/DD/YR: 10/15/07


Division Meeting: October 15, 2007


WEB SITE: Please take a look at the TS Website. Look in the left margin for Minutes. Click on it, and you will see three headers, for TSDH minutes, Unit Heads Minutes, and Division Minutes. Click on any of these headers and you'll see listed the dates for which minutes are available. We will try to get back minutes loaded, too. Do you have suggestions for a photo that might be evocative (in a good way) of TS that we could use on the page?


CONFERENCE ROOM: Meri has volunteered to head a small task force to select some art work for the walls of N148. If you are interested in helping her out, please contact Janet.


TS MEETINGS: The pattern of Division meetings is in each quarter of the year, there is a program meeting, a discussion forum, and a general news/etc. meeting. The Agenda Committee has already arranged for the next few program meetings, but if you have a suggestion for a presentation you'd like to see, get in touch with the Committee, (Naomi Seko, Anna Ferris, Dave Anderson). If there's a topic that you would like to discuss in some depth at a discussion forum, send your suggestion to Janet.


EMERGENCY PLANNING, ETC. If you haven't done so, please sign up for the emergency notification service. We are also putting together emergency phone tress for the division. These lists will NOT be public. They will NOT be on websites. They should NOT be posted in a public place. They are for the people who may need to get in touch with others at home, from home, during an emergency. Departments are working to complete the COOP (Continuity of Operations) plans to make plans for what needs to be done in case we are unable to work in Norlin for any period of time.


OFFICE 2007: If you have been putting off getting Office 2007 installed, please go ahead and take the plunge. The only problems reported have been relatively small, and idiosyncratic to a particular installation.


BUILDING ISSUES, etc: Some years ago, TS put together a list of building and equipment issues. We need to compile a new one. A number of items were contributed at this meeting. Read over what's listed below, and see if there are others you would like to add.


Convex mirrors above the door leading into preservation. This is a safety issue, and is a leftover from the previous list.


Convex mirrors above the door between Cataloging and Acquisitions. This is a new request, but also a safety issue.


Cell phone-free signs. Cell phone conversations in the hallway just outside Preservation are often very distracting, so TS would like to continue having this area as cell phone-free. It's obvious, though, that the current signs don't work. Replace the signs with larger signs that explain WHY. E.G. QUIET PLEASE, WORK AREA ADJACENT. NO CELL PHONE USE IN THIS AREA. On the other side, perhaps we need to install signs telling where cell phone usage IS permitted.


Signage in general: The cell phone question led to a general discussion of signage. The "Staff Only" signs are ineffective, and don't answer user questions. Install in the western corridor downstairs directional signs pointing to Reference, Circulation, Reserves. The building diagram near the elevator is so small that you can't read room numbers or names. And it's mounted at about the eye height of a 6/4" person. Enlarge the diagram and mount it in an obvious place, more at average eye height. Lighting in this corridor is so dim, that it makes reading ANY signs (and the floor plan diagram) more difficult.


Generally when lost people wander in asking for directions, people will walk with them to their destination. This is a good practice. It might also be useful, however, to have a schematic map readily available so you can draw a route on it.


If there is something relatively small that is needed and used, and we have been using a makeshift, we should feel free to request it. For example, Acquisitions needs bins for bubble pack, bins for trash, etc. WE shouldn't think we have to use old cardboard boxes and ancient rusted trash bins for this purpose. Order a good, attractive (relatively speaking), new bin of an appropriate size.


When furniture is moved, revealing fossil marks on the floor, report it to Bev, and she'll put in a work order.


Cataloging is going to be examining its arrangement of space, because with the two cataloging positions filled, they've run out of room in the north room. After changes are made, we will request a survey of lighting so see if it's adequate or could be improved (a lighting survey was part of the original list compiled in 2000).


Built-in wooden bookcases that are no longer being used can only be removed at astronomical expense, because they were originally painted with lead-based paint. The expense is why the bookcases along the wall in the NUC room were "encapsulated" instead of being removed. FREESTANDING painted wooden bookcases that are no longer needed can, however, be removed. (And if they ARE no longer needed, they SHOULD be removed).




The following items are leftovers from the list prepared in 2000, but quoted from a follow-up memo sent in 2004 (with some annotation from today):


>> When tiles are replaced on the floors, is there some rule that says that they must NOT match? The patchwork that results is ugly and makes us feel as if "nobody wants me, everybody hates me, I'll go eat some worms." Please convey a request to whoever (FacMan?) to do better in trying to match tiles, and LET ME KNOW what they say.


>> The ramp leading to M150 poses a danger. Trucks and flatbeds come rolling down the ramp, often fully loaded and at speed. Collisions with people walking out through the double doors do occur. It's a miracle that we haven't had someone hurt. We asked for a convex "traffic mirror" to be installed at the top of the door in March of 2000. [note, apparently, when we dropped the request for a "curtain door" between Acquisitions and Cataloging, this was misinterpreted to include our request for a mirror]


>> The tables in the Cataloging Conference room can be retrofit with "tie clamps" (or some such thing) that will keep them aligned with each other, and at a consistent height. [Bev will contact Juniper Valley]


>> In M150, at the back of Marking, there is a column that is separating from the floor, and tiles are cracking. Carl reported this to Dan in 2000. We don't know what to do about it, or if it is an indicator of something more serious waiting to happen. [It's still there as of 10/07, and in addition to the cracked tiles, the bumpers have come unattached. Also, when I checked this morning, I noticed that the tiles on the floor around the trap door near the column are badly damaged. The damage makes moving trucks around difficult.]


>> There's a column near Mark Haury's desk that had a "bumper" or reinforcement on it to protect it from traffic. The bumper is gone and needs to be replaced. [This is still true as of 10/07]




Discussion of building issues led to a discussion of the Quick Fix Committee. The Committee is working under the auspices of LAB. You can find a description and some reports of their work on the LAB home page (click on QFC in the left margin). Some of the items identified as issues for TS, such as signage issues, may be of interest to QFC, but for the most part, TS will go ahead and try to get issues addressed through regular channels.


Janet Swan Hill