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Unit Heads Minutes: fy 09-10

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Unit Heads Meeting: September 2, 2009

Present: Wakimoto, Lundy, Helgoth, Seko, Morris, DeVries, Key, Stewart, Levrault, Dulock, Willett, Ferris, Kellsey, Moeller

  1. As noted in the recent Cabinet minutes, the campus continues to be very concerned with the threat of the H1N1 virus. The Libraries will review its core functions as listed in its Business Continuity plan. John Culshaw is appointing a working group to consider the Libraries response to the virus. Carl Stewart and Randy Key have been appointed to the group from TS.

  2. Enrollment numbers are positive. There are a good number of out-of-state students. However, the budget continues to be uncertain. 30 million has been cut from the system with 14 million of that at CU Boulder.

  3. Phase 1 of Norlin Planning is now complete. The Commons is getting excellent use with many users, and has been called “state of the art” by some students. Now that Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 needs to be discussed. A small task force will be appointed to begin a plan for Phase 2. There are no members yet; composition of the task force will be the three Associate Directors, plus several others, including at least one staff representative and a student representative.

  4. CMS hired a student over the course of the summer to create an application with which the department can create technical metadata in a standard format (MIX) for digital images in-house. This application eliminates our reliance on vendors to create technical metadata, which is critical for digital preservation. Please contact Michael Dulock in CMS if you are interested in learning more about this project.

  5. The DVD reclass is almost complete. There are some remaining items with DVD accession numbers, rather than call numbers. However, many of these items have already been reclassed but have their call numbers in item records, with a second copy for a branch using the bibliographic record for their accession number. There are also some outstanding items, such as DVDs that needed replacements or were checked out.

  6. Reports

    a. Acquisitions: Monday was Pam Stanfield’s last day in Acquisitions as Accounting Technician III. Kellsey has received many applications to the position and intends to hire by mid-September at the latest. Morris asked Kellsey if Marking could expect to receive many more gifts in the Marking Department in the coming future. The answer is yes, as there have been many donations as of late. DeVries asked about gift plates for these items, particularly fragile items. Acquisition of some thinner book plates for fragile items was discussed.

    b. Preservation: Preservation is undertaking quite an expansion of its activities, changing its workflow to meet the new needs. If you have some new project in which some of the Preservation staff are going to participate, please coordinate these activities with Pat Morris or Christine DeVries first. The members of the department want to be helpful, but with so many “irons in the fire”, we need to be sure any changes in the routines are considered by the department’s leadership. We’re always looking at our priorities and trying to keep them in good order so the folks are performing to the best of their ability and the job gets done.

    c. CMS: The current Cataloging records CMS sent to Backstage in August had a very quick turn-around time. We sent 6529 bib records on August 28. On Aug. 31, Backstage returned 5424 records that had some change made to them: coding, forms of headings, or TOC enrichments from Blackwell in the form of 970 fields. This means that Backstage processing made no changes in 1105 records. In addition, the cataloging cross-training with Acquisitions is progressing and more training is happening this week.

    d. Special Collections/Archives: The Bloch Collection is progressing, with five catalogers working on it. The special location in Pascal for items from SPC is still being defined. The Brakhage Collection is almost complete, but some remaining Preservation work needs to be done and some cataloging remains. The Bent-Hyde archival collection has been digitized and will be cataloged in Luna soon. The collection includes various items such as hand-drawn maps, letters, and photographs.

    e. Digital Resources: The Hats and Headresses Collection in Luna may be cataloged in-house, as the Provost Fellow slated to perform this work is currently incommunicado. A decision will be made regarding this collection once the status of the Fellow is confirmed. The next Luna project will be a collection of medieval manuscript leaves from Special Collections, with preliminary work being done now and cataloging to be done sometime during the Fall semester.

    f. ERSA: ERSA is switching to Swets, rather than EBSCO, for the bulk of their subscriptions. Swets provides a bigger discount on our service fee and the customer service at EBSCO is less than desirable. Wiley is being kept.

    g. Serials: Serials is not checking in magazines slated for the Browsing area in the Commons. The location code they are using for these periodicals is comst.

    h. Student Workers (all units): The Division has hired many student workers for the fall semester, many with critical foreign-language skills to deal with the large amount of gifts in non-Roman scripts. In Acquisitions, a student with experience in Arabic and Urdu has been hired; in CMS, two students with skills in Mandarin have been hired; and in Collection Development, a student with skills in Hindi has been hired. ERSA has also hired one student. Preservation has hired twelve students to keep any backlogs from developing.

Respectfully submitted,
Bethany R. Levrault, CMS


Unit Heads Meeting: October 28, 2009


Agenda Items:

1. Identity Manager and LIT Updates (Rani)

Rani Machoi, Library Information Technology (LIT) addressed the meeting to provide some information about Identity Manager. The Libraries will begin using Identity Manager in mid-November. ITS will send an e-mail notification to all staff members. That notification will ask us to use Identity Manager to create new, more secure identikeys and to set up a few security questions. We will also need to update our e-mail account information. There will be several information sessions scheduled to provide the details on how to make the switch. Since this involves more than a simple change of password, all staff members are encouraged to attend one of the information sessions.

2. Information Regarding Leave Request Forms

Revisions to the Technical Services document Hours of Work, Flex Time and Relative Issues in Technical Services were discussed. The majority of the proposed changes are editorial to bring the document in line with policy revisions implemented since the document was last updated in August of 2007. Some of the wording is under discussion and will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Other Discussion:

Rani also announced that the e-mail addresses contained on the Libraries web pages have been “collected” and used in Spam as the “reply to” addresses. This has resulted in a very high volume of e-mail in some departments. They are not certain whether this will extend to all departments. Anyone who receives an unusually high volume of Spam or Spam-like e-mail should use lib-help to notify LIT as soon as possible.

The frequent slowness of the Millennium server was discussed. Rani indicated that the problem requires extensive research and that the new LIT department head will be in the best position to pursue the problem. Suggestions on how to manage this problem in the interim include the following.


  • Unusually large lists or updates could be run early in the morning or at night
  • If it becomes apparent that a list you are running is slowing the response time, suspend it and restart it at night.
  • If it is necessary to load an extremely large number of files during regular hours, consider sending a note to Norlist so that people using Millennium know what is happening.

Department Reports:



Nicole Blechynden is filling the Tech I position in Preservation starting 11/2/09. She will be assuming the duties previously performed by Shannon DeLay.




Copy Catalog Training - Beth Levrault has conducted two training workshops with Acquisitions staff. They were well-received and so many perceptive questions were asked that a one day workshop was extended to two.  Extra time was given to guidelines for authority records. Currently, individual trainings with Beth are taking place with the plan that Acquisitions ease into copy cataloging. Thanks to CMS and Beth for the time and effort devoted to this venture.


Ebooks - Problems being encountered with recent Ebrary ebooks downloaded. Their links are inoperable as they do not take the user to the actual book but rather to an Ebrary search screen. Have communicated with them about this problem, but no correction as of yet. Naomi will follow-up today with Ebrary.


Christine De Vries
University of Colorado-Boulder Libraries
Preservation Department, Assist Dept Head


Unit Heads Meeting: December 12, 2009

  1. Lucy came to the meeting to explain the Libraries leave request rules. These rules follow the rules of the campus. The most current information is found at: CU Boulder à Human resources à Labor relations à Leave Benefit Options, where you can link to various  leave forms. If you have any questions, contact Lucy.
  2. TS Division flex time policy revision draft was discussed.  Based on the discussion, the draft will be revised and communicated widely within the division.
  3. Jina shared the revised figure for TS student budget discretionary funds and asked the Department and Unit heads for requests.
  4. Some in the Libraries reported that they were discouraged from attending and/or participating in the Library Staff Association and its associated committees like LAB, the Campbell Awards Committee. Supervisors encourage all TS staff to participate and attend these events.



Unit and Department Heads Meeting: February 24, 2010

Attached is the summary notes from the retreat held last week. Comments and questions are welcome.


Please understand that these are notes taken from a free-wheeling brainstorming session. We were not making decisions or determining directions. We were mainly dealing in "what ifs" and "maybes" and exercising our imaginations.


After everybody in TS has had a chance to look the summary over and make comments or ask questions, I'll be distributing them on the Norlin list.




Unit and Department Heads Meeting: March 3, 2010

1. The Technical Services Unit Heads and Faculty held a retreat on 2/24/10 to discuss the future of technical services activities in libraries. A summary outline has been prepared and was discussed at the regular Unit Heads meeting on 3/3/10. Suggested revisions will be made and sent to all TS personnel for further comment, following which they will be distributed to the Norlin List. It was decided that for the coming months, the Unit Heads meeting (scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, at 9:00) be expanded to include all TS faculty as well, and be used for follow up discussions from the retreat. The general topic for the April meeting will be discussion of current and potential, and potentially modified collaborations within the Technical Services Division.


2. As was announced on the Norlin List, Beverly Weddle's hours have been shortened to 4 hours/day. While she is on this shortened work schedule, anyone who needs Bev to do work for them should be sensitive to the new schedule, and to Bev's decreased ability to handle things on short notice. Plan ahead, and allow Bev plenty of advance warning.


3. The sink outside of the Book Repair room (in the hallway that leads between the NUC Room and Preservation proper) is actually part of Book Repair's facility. It is unfortunate that it is located in a general walkway, but it is indeed part of Book Repair and is needed for their work. It needs to be kept clean of food, leftovers, plant potting detritus, etc. As the work in Book Repair intensifies, and space has become ever more crowded, keeping the sink and surrounding area clean and available is more important than ever. Accordingly, we ask that people who have food to deal with, leftovers to dump, dishes to wash, plants to repot or revive, etc. NOT use the sink outside book repair. Instead, please use the sink in the Staff Room (Acquisitions staff may use the facilities in Acquisitions). Signs are being posted as reminders. We know that it may take some time for people to alter long-standing habits, but we ask for everyone's cooperation.


Janet Swan Hill