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Department Heads Minutes: fy 09-10

MM/DD/YR: 09/09/09 | 09/23/09 | 11/04/09


Technical Services Department Heads Meeting September 9, 2009

Present: Wakimoto, Kellsey, Morris, Moeller


Campus H1N1 policies were reviewed.  The policies can be found at http://www.colorado.edu/safety/h1n1/   Jina will send the link to the policies out to Technical Services.


Beverly Weddle’s hours are now M-Th 7:30-4:30 and Fri mornings she will be working from home.



Kellsey noted that ARL statistics are due by mid-October this year.  In the past they were due in January. 


E-book workflow was reviewed.  It is on the agenda for 9/10 bibliographers meeting.



Preservation is working out the details of implementing the revised food and drink policy with public services.


The CNAP (Conservation Needs Assessment Project) indicated a need for bookends, and some figures have already been compiled.  Purchasing enough bookends to meet the needs is going to be a large investment.  Preservation is working out priorities to start the project.  We will work with collections custodians when we have a draft of the criteria.  Once we have agreed, an annual figure will be developed to begin addressing the priorities.  If we can project an ongoing substantial purchase, the vendors should be able to give us a considerable price break. 


Preservation is developing a workflow for the digitization of “WWI pamphlets”.  Thea Lindquist is the project director for the WWI materials.  Preservation’s role at this point is to complete a pilot project (digitizing one volume) in concert with CMS, the vendor, and the Digital Library to develop procedures and accurate figures for the cost of digitization.  The goal of the larger project is to provide access to these materials which are now restricted from circulation because the paper is so fragile.  


Cataloging and Metadata Services

Issues surrounding the assumption of WebBridge maintenance by the ERSA Team were discussed.

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting September 23, 2009

Attending: Jina Wakimoto, Interim AD, Charlene Kellsey, Acq., Paul Moeller, CMS


Pat Morris is on vacation.


Yawen Zhang has been hired to fill the Accounting Tech. III vacancy in Acquisitions. She is a transfer from Chemical & Bio-Engineering Dept. and will start on Oct. 1.


The Serials Workflow Working Group had its first meeting on Sept. 17 to discuss the charge from the Selection to Access Implementation Team regarding several of the recommendations in the R2 report. Members are Paul Moeller, chair, Linda Helgoth, Charlene Kellsey, Randy Key. Others will be asked to participate as different issues are worked on. The goal is to take a fresh look at serials procedures Libraries-wide in light of the many changes that have taken place in the last few years.


Windy Lundy will be chairing the faculty search committee for a Government Documents Cataloger that will be starting up soon.


Jina Wakimoto will be away from the library October 5-26. During her absence Charlene Kellsey will represent TS at Cabinet meetings.


Since Jina will be away the first week of October, the TS Unit Heads meeting will be held on Sept. 30.


Submitted by Charlene Kellsey

Technical Services Department Heads Meeting: November 4, 2009

TSDH met without Charlene who is attending the Charleston Conference, and with Windy who is representing CMS.


Preservation is creating a final draft of a pocket sized emergency response plan for members of the Cabinet and for the Emergency Response Team. 


There is going to be a meeting of representatives of the “cultural” collections across campus on November 16, hosted by the NSIDC.  The agenda includes a talks on insurance (by a representative of Risk Management) and business continuity planning (Carl Stewart).  The group is also going to discuss formalizing its structure.  It now meets occasionally to discuss matters related to preservation.  There is a remarkable variety of permanently valuable collections all across the campus; but they all share an interest in common preservation issues:  security, environmental conditions, pest management, storage and handling, etc.


The number of re-marks continues to be comparatively high; most of them arise from the shelf-ready materials.  Location codes have to be changed and copy numbers added.  We are going to track the number of items to which we are adding copy numbers for a month. 


Pat is meeting with DPAG Nov. 18th to discuss a pilot project for the digitization of the Bureau of American Ethnology, using HF Group to digitize the materials.  The goals of the project are multiple:  to develop selection criteria for materials that require digitization in order to preserve them, to find out the actual costs of digitization by an outside vendor who already provides preservation services, and to develop a workflow for this type of reformatting  involving bibliographer, CMS, Preservation, HF Group, and the Digital Initiatives Librarian.  We have committed to a single volume of the series in order to develop reliable data for the resources required.  Thanks to the work done by CMS and Holley, we are optimistic about being able to complete the set, a heavily-used resource that is deteriorating rapidly. 


Pat, working with Debbie Hollis and Steve Lekson (Dept. of Anthropology & Curator, Museum of Natural History), is guiding a graduate student in Museum Studies through her master’s project.  Heidi Burh is doing a preservation assessment of a collection of photographic negatives in the Museum’s holdings.  This is a part of the effort Debbie Hollis began to develop a more interactive relationship with the Museum Studies program.  Heidi has worked with the Archives staff, Carl Stewart, and Christine DeVries to prepare for the project.


The responsibility of gathering database usage statistics from ERM will be moving to ERSA.  In the next few days, Erika Klein will begin training ERSA personnel in the ERM statistics functions.


Beth, working with Lisa and Naomi, completed the training and prepared documentation for Acquisitions staff to perform copy cataloging of certain category of materials.  This will improve receipt-to-shelf times for those materials and relieve CMS copy catalogers to tend to more complex materials.  


Innovative is still working on a solution to the failure of the Automatic Authority Processing function that updates headings in our existing bib records to new, authorized forms when we load changed authority records from Backstage.  The process should run automatically overnight, but it is stalling so that few, if any, bib records are updated.  A customer service representative at Innovative has done everything he can to diagnose the problem and has sent it forward to the III software engineers.  Until the problem is fixed, each time we load changed authority records from Backstage we will have to ask Innovative to manually run the queued bib records so that the headings are flipped to the correct form.  It is not a process we can manually perform.  Innovative invoked the manual process early last week and there are currently no queued bib records awaiting updating.   

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