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Division Minutes: fy 09-10

MM/DD/YR: 08/19/09 | 12/16/09


Division Meeting: August 19th 2009

Mainstream / non-mainstream acquisitions


Jina and Charlene discussed the extensive work that has been done by their respective departments with Collection Development to respond to the recommendations made by the R2 consulting team, now almost three years ago.  Actions taken in response to items #60 -72 have just been presented to Cabinet and address the core recommendation to speed up processing to provide access to materials more quickly.  These will now be reviewed by Council in September and a report to the Norlin list will be issued soon after that.  To see the R2 report:


To summarize: Mainstream materials (materials that come with LC records) are now processed using processes that include virtual approval, shelf ready, prompt cat.  While final statistics are not available the average time it takes materials to go from Acquisitions to Access services has been cut from 45 days to 4 or 5 days for these materials.  Even when combined with the extra week that materials now need to kept at Blackwell for their processing, this represents a substantial improvement.  The cooperation of Bibliographers in virtual approval has been key to the success of this program.


Non-Mainstream materials:  more other vendors now send us brief records with their materials to speed up order processing.  Labor has been freed up from mainstream processing and redeployed for special projects such as electronic records, batch-loading, gifts, Government Documents, Special Collections and Archives processing and cataloging. 


Asian Gift and other Asian language materials processing


The growth in materials acquired through gifts, grants and traditional sources has grown beyond expectations as these disciplines become more important on campus.  While we have committed to cataloging CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) materials and hired additional cataloging help (Hue and Yuko), other languages such as Hindi, Tibetan, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu generally need to be cataloged by our outside vendor, OCLC Techpro.  Acquisitions is hiring a student with special language skills to assist Acquisitions and CMS with some of this work. 


Film Studies Collections and Libraries processing


Some problems have arisen with the Film studies collections moved from the stadium and now housed in Norlin.  Agreements and procedures were not always well documented and there has been some confusion as to ownership and access issues.  There are two collections:  a research collection owned by Film Studies that is for Film Studies in-house-use only and a traditional collection that is used by the teaching faculty for class projection.  The traditional collection is purchased in part using Libraries funds.  Using an MOU signed by the Libraries and the Film Studies Department as a starting point, CMS is  trying to determine exactly what our obligations are for cataloging and providing access to these collections.  Brief, suppressed records currently exist for these items. There is some discussion about possibly moving these materials to PASCAL.




DVD marking should be completed in about two weeks due to printer and student labor limitations.  Our Tech 1 (Shannon Delay position) is being reviewed by the Campus before it can be advertised.  In the meantime, Sarah Motz-Storey (formerly a student in Acquisitions) has been hired as a temp.  The vendor for the Binding RFP has been selected but the contract has not been signed so no announcement can be made.  The visit from the Image Permanence Institute provided some important recommendations for our environmental monitoring program.




Pam Stanfield will be retiring August 31st.  Charlene has found out that there is an extensive transfer list for Accounting Tech IIIs.




Erin Peach, formerly in the Math Physics Library, was introduced as a new copy cataloger.


Notes respectfully submitted by:
Carl Stewart, Preservation, University Libraries

Division Meeting: December 16, 2009

The revisions to the Flex-time policy were discussed.  The flex-time attachment has been highlighted to reflect those changes.


I have included a few links that might assist you in better understanding the current policies in place:  Any questions regarding Leave/Flex should be directed to Lucy.


State of Colorado Handbook

State of Colorado Flex Time Policy
Revised UCB Leave/Absence Request Form


Charlene discussed the Work Flow Study.  I have included her power point presentation.


Jina will be completing her interim as TS Department Head as of 12/31/2009.  Janet will be returning in January.